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Lactose Free Ice Cream - 5 To Choose From
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Lactose Free Ice Cream  -  5 to Choose From

Just about everyone loves ice cream; even lactose free ice cream tastes pretty good. Being lactose intolerant can mean that you have to adjust your diet a bit, but luckily there are many brands that now offer dairy-free foods. Ice cream fills in the cracks and crevices; so how many scoops do you want?

Whether you are four years old or 60, being lactose intolerant isn't fun when everyone around you is enjoying a treat while you can't. Today with so many more people having intolerance to lactose, more products are being developed to appease all bodies. You can now buy lactose free ice cream or you can make it at home.

Due to everyone's systems being so different, please be sure to thoroughly read the label. As we have learned about "fat-free" and "no sugar" doesn't mean that the body won't obtain any fat and sugar from the food. Being intolerant to lactose or any other food means you should always read the list of ingredients to ensure that you won't be having any discomfort after eating it.

Breyer's - We all have heard the name and they now have a lactose ice cream available. Currently the only flavor is vanilla. There is indication that this product is 99% free of lactose. However, it is deliciously creamy and rich just like their other ice cream products.

Providing you information on lactose free ice cream is giving you an idea of what is available but you still need to decide which one is best for you. This includes ice cream made from any number of ingredients that will create the cold treat. Keep an open mind; you are looking for alternatives to the lactose found in cow's milk.

LaLoos's - LaLoos's ice cream is made from a quality goat's milk. There are 6 flavors for their ice cream and two for their frozen yogurts. Although goat's milk does contain lactose, the amount is much smaller than cow's so those who are lactose intolerant are more able to ingest goat's milk.

Purely Decadent - This brand is offered by Turtle Mountain and is made using coconut milk. The current flavor is Cherry Amaretto (according to the manufacturer’s website); they also have mini-fudge bars available. In addition to the coconut, they also offer a soy based ice cream in the flavors Cherry Nirvana and Butter Pecan; there are also Neapolitan mini-sandwich's available.

RiceDream - This smooth and tastefully flavored ice cream is made from rice milk and is also gluten-free. There are also other various cold desserts available. Their RiceDream Bites are vanilla flavored covered with unsweetened chocolate (which may contain "traces" of milk); the label states gluten and cholesterol free without the refined sugars and transfat.

Homemade - When you make something from scratch at home, you know exactly what is in it. You know how much of what goes into each serving and this is important to those who require "special" foods. There are a number of super easy recipes available to make lactose free ice cream at home; sure they take longer than scooping out some already made but all ice cream has to be made at one point.

With some thought and a little effort, you can be enjoying some tasty ice cream for dessert right now or maybe even a milkshake (use ice to achieve the shake consistency). For those who love ice cream but have intolerance to dairy products, there is a lactose free ice cream waiting in the freezer for you.

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