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Live Long And Healthy
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Live Long And Healthy

Living a Long and Healthy Life...

Have you started to make any dietary changes yet? I hope you are starting to make some changes to your diet and adding some physical activity to your daily routine. If you have not yet started to make any changes to improve your health, I hope you find something here to intrigue you to begin boosting and maximizing your health.

I came across something that I wanted to share with you guys. These are some suggestions to help you in living a healthy and long life. As I always say, start by making one change at a time; then you can add something new every few days And be sure to consult your physician before making any changes to your diet or physical routine, especially if you are on any type of medication.

The suggestions are as follows:

1. Limit the amount of any refined sugars - refined sugar can take years off of your life. Refined sugars include sweets such as: pastries, candy, doughnuts, ice cream, soda, etc. I know some of you are probably saying, "No sweets?!" I would say only in moderation or for special occasions, as in celebrating a birthday or some special event. Just don't let it be an everyday routine to eat something sweet.

2. Stay away from junk food; eating very little junk food can help you live longer. Junk food is laden with all types of artificial ingredients that are not good for the body. Try to eat as much whole and natural food as you can.

3. Eat a big tossed salad at least once or twice a day. It can help flushing out your colon which is where disease starts. We are not eliminating properly. You should have a bowel movement after every meal. And make sure to use a good all natural salad dressing; or better yet, make your own salad dressing with some good ingredients.

4. Milk (or milk products) and meat are best not eaten at the same time. These two foods are best digested when consumed in separate meals.

5. Eat fresh fruit daily. Eat 2 pieces of fresh fruit as a minimum daily and make sure to wash all fruits (even melons) to remove the chemical and pesticide residue.

6. Make sure you are drinking your water. Drinking water one half hour before your meals will help to curb your appetite; drinking water 3 hours after your meals will help with proper elimination (this also helps with proper elimination from your colon helping to keep it clean).

7. Raw and whole foods are a must in your daily diet. Eat plenty of raw foods on a daily basis. The more cooked foods you eat, the more quickly you will age.

These are some great tips to begin to live a healthy and long life. Also, add some physical exercise to your daily routine and begin to take a good vitamin and mineral supplement. Like I said, begin by taking one step at a time. Incorporate one new idea every few days and you will begin to see your health maximized. And just think, if we can start to train our children to eat healthy and make better food choices, we can start to get rid of a lot of health issues that are so prominent today. Why wait, get started today! Begin your journey to living a healthier life.

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