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Maintaining Muscle While Losing Fat
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Maintaining Muscle While Losing Fat


For many people, not just bodybuilders, maintaining muscle while losing weight and getting a clean-'cut' look is one of the biggest motivational factors for getting in shape, however one of the major problems people face when trying to get that magical 'six-pack' is losing quite a chunk of muscle in the process and find that all there hard work in the gym was for nothing, only to have to start all over again.

What many people don't realise is there is a perfectly easy way to strip fat from there bodies whilst maintaining the existing muscle that is there.

A Proper Diet

Whilst many people have probably never thought much about it, having a proper diet and protein intake each day is an essential requirement when losing any weight if you wish to hold on to that muscle as you lose, one of your first thoughts when losing weight should be to cut out all the junk from your diet, i.e. chocolate, sugar, pizza etc. etc., basically anything that is unhealthy for you and restructure your diet so that you take in a lot of protein and as little carbs as possible, this would include things like plenty of chicken, red meats, brown rice etc. as well as protein shakes to give you a high level of protein whilst keeping the bad stuff to a minimum, (one bad meal a week is ok so long as you stick to this).

An example of how much protein you should be consuming is 1-1.5 g of protein per pound of bodyweight, so for instance I currently weigh 192 pounds, if I wish to keep a decent intake of protein up I will have to consume around 200g of protein a day minimum to aid that goal.


This cannot be stressed enough, when losing bodyfat it is essential you carry on exercising to maintain muscle mass, although this will seem very hard at first due to the massive cut in your carb intake, it will get easier believe me, if doing cardio, try to restrict yourself to the 'weight control' zone, this is typically 120bpm maximum so that you are burning fat only instead of trying to build muscle.

Cardio is also very important when it comes to overall fitness as i'm sure you've already guessed, but light cardio as described above works wonders for fat loss, so a minimum of 20mins every other day is required to achieve this,

Also remember to keep weight training as you aim to reduce fat as this will keep your muscle structure in top form and aid weight loss dramatically, try to aim for 10-12 repetitions with 3 sets of each exercise with a maximum rest of 15-20 seconds in between.


As you workout, your body uses up essential nutrients that are sometimes hard to replace, that is why a regular intake of multi-vitaminsand minerals are highly beneficial, a decent whey protein to up your daily protein intake will give you a definate advantage when it comes to sticking to your diet, as well as something called 'essential fatty acids' Many bodily functions require fats (muscle damage rebuilding for example) which are essential to maintaining muscle mass. Therefore, getting essential fats are important, Essential Fatty Acids have been shown to be an aid in fat loss. I take two tablespoons per day, one with breakfast and one later on in the day, this can usually be obtained from most decent health food shops and online drug stores.

In Conclusion

I hope the above has been beneficial to youy in your quest for achieving good fat loss results while maintaining muscle, the above is a brief overview of some of the ways to achieve this so it would be advisable to seek further assistance if you need clarification on any of the points raised or if you are looking for further information about the subject.

Thanks for your time.

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