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Microwaving In Plastic: Is It Dangerous Or Not?
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Microwaving In Plastic: Is it Dangerous Or Not?

Ya, Franz here! Yes, we have been in the age of “nuclear food” since the early seventies. As technology has evolved and communication methods have allowed information to travel much faster, the talk has been that microwaving in plastic containers may not be such a good idea. Is the food you eat heated by this method safe? Are chemicals leaching out of the plastic and into the food you are heating?

Have you ever heated tomato sauce, in the microwave, in a plastic container? Franz used to! I noticed the plastic would be stained red from the sauce. One time it got hot enough to etch the plastic container along the edges. Now, this was a microwave safe, multi-use, cooking container designed to be used in a microwave. I did not think about it much back then, but years later I recalled that event and started to do some research on microwaving in plastic.

Oddly enough, I found a study done by a kid in school. It was very intriguing! He wanted to prove that water that was heated in the microwave was bad for you. He had heard the controversy and decided to find a way to prove or disprove the premise. So what he did was buy two identical plants, bought them at the same place, brought them home and watered one with regular tap water, and the other with water that had been heated in the microwave and allowed to cool. After a few weeks, the plant that was given the heated water from the microwave died. The student concluded: don’t heat your water in a microwave – it may kill you!

Obviously, there are a lot more factors here to consider, but the overall story certainly has to make you wonder. Some say the microwave changes the molecular structure of anything you heat in it, thereby making something that once was healthy something that is possibly toxic. When it comes to microwaving in plastic there are certain chemicals that can leach out of the plastic and possibly cause certain cancers and reproductive issues. Now the FDA does realize the dangers of this situation, so they closely monitor which containers used for microwaving in plastic are safe. They test them for the transfer of toxins at temperatures the containers are likely to be used at. They then rate these plastic containers that pass the test as “microwave safe.”

From those studies, here are a few things to keep in mind when microwaving in plastic. Take-out food containers, foods that come in plastic containers like yogurt, and water bottles, are not safe for microwaving. Microwave dinners in plastic trays are for one time use only, and it should say that on the packaging. Don’t use any kind of plastic wrap or storage bag to heat your food in. If you are not sure what to microwave your food in, use pyrex or ceramic containers. That will eliminate any possibility of chemical transfer.

If you must use the microwave I would suggest you avoid microwaving in plastic altogether. And, if you are hooked on the microwave, and you are looking for optimal health through better nutrition, research the subject for yourself. Do your own studies. I don’t always believe what the FDA has to say. Franz’s optimal health is based on years of study on how food and exercise affect the body in positive ways. Microwaving in plastic containers does not fit into my health regimen; in fact I don’t use a microwave at all!

As always, I wish you vibrant health, many blessings, and a long life!

Ya, zis is Franz signing off!

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