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Natural Antioxidant Juice
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An amazing and legendary tropical fruit that produces natural antioxidant juice is found in south east Asia and some parts of central and south America. Its users call it the queen of all fruits and sometimes the super fruit. The fruit is called mangosteen, no relation to the mango and has been used for centuries by Asian health practitioners due to its powerful medical properties. The fruit tree grows slowly taking sometimes up to ten years to bear fruit.

The fruit is packed with so many health benefits like natural oxidant juice that keep harmful free radicals at bay, is antimicrobial and anti parasitic among many others of its properties. It has for centuries been grown in south east Asia but of late some of it has been grown in south America and north America. The long reigning queen Victoria of the England heard of it an offered a reward to anybody who could take the fruit to her but she was not lucky to taste it.

It is small, royal purple in color and the size of a tangerine and has two to three garlic clove like seeds inside. It has a sharp fruit cocktail like taste and has been acclaimed as the best tasting fruit in the world. in the Americas , it has been grown in the Caribbeans, central and south America but its origin is thought to be south east Asia.

It contains about forty three phytonutrients called xanthones of the known natural two hundred. It has the main essential antioxidants like vitamin C, vitamin D and the vitamin B complex that combat free radicals circulating in the body and that have the potential to cause serious life threatening diseases.

For some reason , the fruit has not been known in the west but has been used for long by Asian Medical practitioners and individuals seeking natural antioxidant juice foods. It is a much sought after fruit making it quite expensive. The Mangosteen fruit is not easily available as it has to be grown under strict conditions and takes along to mature and its export is normally restricted in areas where it grows.

In the Caribbeans and south America, it is sometimes used as a tea. Besides containing natural antioxidant juice and essential minerals , it also treats many tropical and sexually transmitted diseases. Most people use it as an all round preventative tonic and from various testimonials, the mangosteen fruit is truly the a super fruit and the queen of all fruits.

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