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Natural Molecules Are Better Than Synthetics
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Has it occurred to you that Ancient Man has secrets that have been passed down through the generations? For example, our bodies have evolved with the means and mechanisms to deal with all the foods we eat. We might consider this fact very seriously when we realize that our bodies are familiar with all natural foods. We have to consider exactly what Natural is!

What are Natural Foods

It is perhaps easier to define what is 'not' natural.

· Anything that is genetically modified by humans, is not natural.

· Anything that uses any man-made materials to spray on growing plants, is not natural.

· Anything we put into our bodies that has been prepared by artificial means, including prescription drugs, is not natural

Why is this important

It is important because we have to realize if we put it in our bodies, our bodies have two choices. Either, our bodies will absorb the molecules to be used by our cells to create energy or building blocks, or, our bodies have to disassemble these molecules using valuable resources, to escort them safely out of the body. If we have the mechanisms to utilize the molecules we have ingested, then we have provided our bodies with the fuel to continue to survive. Organic is the key to success in this area. Our ancient ancestors only ate organic.

So What

All molecules ingested by our ancestors were created by natural means, and we call this organic. For the purposes of this article, I have defined organic as ‘Molecules derived from living organisms. They are protected from insects by pesticides derived from and fertilized with natural living organisms’. The by-product of this formula creates an environment in which the body can deal with the molecules, using systems that have been passed down by our ancestors and that are ingrained in our genetic make up.

If we choose otherwise, our bodies have a serious job ahead of them that may not be conducive to health and wellness.

What do we do if

If we are in a situation where it is necessary to ingest man made chemicals, then there are things that we can do to assist the body to survive through the process. For example, modern western medicine has provided us with several tools that help the body deal with infection. The category most commonly used fall into the realm of antibiotics. 'Anti-biotics' technically means 'against life'! But, as we all know, sometimes they are necessary to help during the onset of a bacterial infection that we are not able to fight off on our own.

The Problem

In our guts, we have several pounds of bacteria that are friendly to the body. When antibiotics are prescribed, those friendly bacteria die as well as the unfriendly bacteria. Sometimes, replacing that natural collection of bacteria is very difficult.

Why are they important

Natural bacteria in our gut are necessary to help in the digestion process. Some, for example, feed on fiber to help gut motility (aid in bowel movements). Others help to reduce molecules to their basic size to help our blood carry them to our cells where they are absorbed. If they die, often we experience a great deal of discomfort.

Now what

If we must help to replace them, we can eat certain foods which contain them to help re-populate the gut with the 'good' bacteria we need. Some foods like yogurt can help, but more often than not, we must repopulate with capsules containing billions of live cultures of friendly bacteria. It may sound gross, but it's true. The benefit can often be felt very quickly.

What Else

In this series of articles, I will be outlining our personal experiences with Natural Products that can help you, today. For example, there are alternatives to many conditions that are not damaging to the body, natural alternatives which may aid in the area of inflammation in the body. Inflammation is the key cause of many debilitating diseases, including arterial and joint issues. We are among the first who understand the science of 'Nutrigenomics', inflammation and orthomolecular (ortho meaning correct) science, following exactly the concepts that I outlined above. Our mission is to help people find methods to deal with their Wellness issues, naturally.

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