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No Pounds Please, I’m Pregnant! How To Avoid Weight Gain During Pregnancy
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The short answer is yes. And no.

Pregnancy is not one word for ‘weight gain’. Don’t worry, I am a real live human being writing this article and not Victoria Beckham. I am also a woman who has had a real live baby of her own without gaining enormous amounts of weight- and I lost it all too. But that’s another article for another time. Let’s talk about you!

You can have a pregnancy without the pounds ,so to speak. Dieticians are agreed that a pregnant woman needs a minimum of between 2000- 2500 calories for her daily intake. I’d be leery of the 2000 calories and take it up to 2500,but that is jut an opinion. Infact, the same nutritionists are also agreed that it is just a 300 calorie increase from the caloric intake of a woman who doesn’t have a bun in her oven. You can take a break and google that. I’ll wait for you.

Thank you for coming back! Now you are wondering 'so where do all the pregnant women I see get these pounds from if science says that pregnant women don’t need to be eating that much more than their non- pregnant counterparts'?. Surely the extra 300 calories are probably consumed by the baby and the body carrying the baby.Why do women gain weight during pregnancy ?

From observation and experience, I have a few reasons that might explain why women gain weight during pregnancy.

First of all, we indulge our cravings. Yes, I had a major craving for a well-done steak when I was carrying. And Waldorf Salad. I also got into the habit of eating scrambled eggs for breakfast. Still trying to kick that nasty habit!

Society also encourages us to give into our cravings. They are usually greasy, junk foods that we just have to have at midnight or in church or out of season. Society indulges the cravings of pregnant women. Tune into any sitcom with an expectant mother character featured in it and you’ll definitely bump into the craving jokes.

Nurses are taught to discourage expectant mothers from entertaining cravings by telling them its old fashioned. And it is. Infact, a craving, or pica ,if you wanna go scientific, is really the body’s way of telling you you have a nutrient imbalance. When a pregnant woman experiences cravings, especially if they are persistent, she should tell her health worker or a nutritionist who will probably be able to tell you just like that what supplements she need to take or rarely run tests to see what nutrients she needs in her body. This doctor's visit is cheaper in the long run than buying video after video trying to lose weight after birth.

Apart from cravings, you also have society to blame for women putting on the pounds with their pregnancies. I can’t begin to tell you how many incidents I had of total strangers inviting me to 'have a bite' at their barbeques while I was passing by their yards minding my own business or asking me if I’d like something to eat. “I’ve just made a fresh apple pie”, or “The baby wouldn’t mind some potato salad, would she?”

It is a social construct. Society loves pregnant women and wants to provide for them and protect them. To successfully be pregnant without packing on the pounds will require some discipline in saying no or, if it’s something you like or you are hungry or maybe you don’t want to offend the little old lady who offered you a plate of Flintstones size Brontosaurus ribs, potato salad, greens and gravy. In that case, have a little bit and tell them you’ve just eaten. Or mention the doctor’s orders to abstain from certain foods for the baby’s sake. That one always works!

If you need to learn discipline when it comes to what you are eating an eating plan might be more helpful. You can get these on the internet very easily. You just search for eating plans for 2500 calories and presto, you will get recipes and snack ideas too. Try it and print out a few sheets for yourself.

Do remember that you won’t see an immediate change. This means you won’t see a sudden stop to your weight gain or any weight less. In fact, sudden weight loss while you are pregnant is something that your health care worker will be monitoring and be very worried about. The eating plans will mean you are not taking in anything that will be excess to your body’s needs that will be converted to fat, even if you are pregnant.

One thing you can feed on that will not pack the pounds on your pregnancy is fruit, vegetables and water. You cannot have enough of these . Be liberal in your consumption of fruits, veggies and water so your little one won’t give you grief when it comes to eating up her broccoli or turn her nose up at bananas. Seriously , fruit and veggies have zero fats, save for avocados with good fats, so be creative and enjoy salads and eat at least five servings of fruit a day.

Pregnancy is about a growing baby not about growing the mother. During these nine months you can learn some good eating habits that will benefit you and the baby after the birth. Try to enjoy this time,be alert and follow the few sensible tips I outlined above and you shouldn’t have to worry about packing on pounds with your pregnancy. Great expectations!

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