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Nutrition For Good Health
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Eating habits that help to heal

1. Eating at regular mealtimes, with at least five hours between the end of one meal and the start of the next, and several hours between the last meal and bedtime.

2. Eating calmly, cheerfully, and with thankful heart.

3. Eating mainly at breakfast and lunch, keeping the evening meal small and light or even omitting it for a while or regularly.

4. Eating mainly whole plant foods with small amount of sugar, fat and other refined foods.

5. A small variety of food at any one meal, but a wide range variety everyday.

6. Drinking mainly water, with plenty between meals and drinking little of anything at all with meals.

Other habits to promote healthy digestion

1. Exercise – A short, brisk walk after meals promotes the action of the stomach, getting digestion off to good start while strenuous exercises soon after meals have the opposite effect.

2. Rest – All systems work better with regular and adequate periods of rest. To give the digestive system a rest, avoid eating between meals and overeating. If necessary, miss an evening meal or even several evening meals. Remember that resting includes not only regular sleep but also rest days and holidays.

3. Positive Thinking – Stress, worry and negative thinking are important factors in many digestive reactions and attitude helps to heal and restore.

Your health is one of the best investment you can make in life which does not demand much capital yet the full benefits are in the future it starts to pay dividends right away.

It is very rare to find a woman of eighty years (80 yrs) or a man of seventy-five years (75 yrs), and if they are there seven or eight years of their lives, they have suffered from chronic degenerative problems , for example; high blood pressure, with the threat of heart disease and stroke, diabetes, and so many other complications.

It is good for one not to wait until she is old to invest in health, because as much as we invest financially, the sooner we invest in our health the greater the benefits.

Let us strive to improve our lifestyle so that we may earn valuable dividends.

Eat healthy for longer life.

NB: Always seek medical advice for persistence new symptoms or when one suspects serious problems. These health principles are complementary and may be expected to enhance the effect of medical treatment if necessary. Remember we can also treat ourselves by the way we live.

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