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Old Age In America: Beverages For Healthy Aging
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Old Age In America: Beverages for Healthy Aging

As a full time Rver I travel a lot, and since my relatives live in Florida, God’s waiting room, I spend a fair bit of time in the state. Now I guess my view of the aging population is tainted as Florida has lots of folks over the age of sixty five, especially in the winter, and we get the Canadians too! But actual numbers have the population over age sixty five in America around fifteen percent of the overall population. But, as boomers grow older, old age in America is increasing and it is a major health concern.

One of the easiest ways food manufacturers have come up with to market and address old age in America is in the beverage industry. With diabetes striking a large portion of aging adults, diet soda has been the rage for years. Don’t drink the stuff! I’ll get to that in a minute. There are other ways to add beneficial nutrition in liquid form.

Loss of muscle mass starts at age forty and continues to increase over the age of sixty. The figure is about one percent loss of muscle mass for each year you get older. So a protein drink of either whey protein, or soy protein, can help to slow the process. Even at an older age eating one gram of protein for each pound of normal healthy weight is recommended. That can be hard to do, so a supplemental protein drink can help. This, in addition to staying active, will help you to keep your lean muscle mass.

I am a big fan of a morning concoction of probiotics and green foods, in a powder form, that I mix with apple juice. This is a great way to start the day! It is loaded with vitamins, healthy greens and fruits, and many strains of probiotics that makes for a healthy body. I have been doing this for years and will continue the habit as I reach old age in America! You can comment to me if you would like to know more about that.

If you want to slow down the macular degeneration of your eyes, and you like carrots, try juicing them. Mix in some tomatoes and and you have something good for both your heart and your eyes! Juicing any kinds of fruits and vegetables is a great way to fill your body with highly soluble nutrition to help you fight old age in America.

Of course, don’t forget water from a good filtered source, water high in minerals and with a high ph value. Drink water with lemon as much as you can. Don’t worry you won’t drown! This will flush out your kidneys and give you more energy! But, please stay away from the diet soda! There is nothing beneficial in this drink! No one should touch the stuff! Do some research on what’s in diet soda and you will draw the same conclusion.

So, choose healthy beverages and they will help you to face old age in America with strength and vitality!

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