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Paleo Diet Plan Advantages
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Paleo Diet Plan Advantages

What type of diet is Paleo?

The Paleo Diet is considered to be a basiclly high - protein and relatively low - carb diet.

This diet is high in animal protein ( which can lead to an intake of to much saturated fat ) which is something you should discuss with your physician or nutritionist before beginning.

We can however learn something from our ancestors by choosing to eat foods that are less refined or not processed and still in thier natural forms.

These foods are more nutrient-dense and easier to digest by the body. In the majority of cases, they help maintain better hunger control, and allow for a more stable blood sugar level. They can also contribute to weight loss when the caloric intake is reduced and an appropriate exercise regimen is introduced.

There are those who believe that Paleo Diets are a fad and won't last long. There are others that believe the Paleo Diets have been around since the days of our Paleolithic ancestors and will continue to stand the test of time. No matter which category of belief you fall into there is one fact that remains true and that is, the Paleo Diet Plans have certain health benefits that deserve a closer inspection and discussion with our physicians or nutritionists.

What are some of the benefits or advantages of a Paleo Diet?

When the Paleo Diet is followed appropriately it will provide a plentiful amount of fiber that your body needs to maintain regularity, proteins for muscle health, vitamins and minerals for overall health and proper immune system controls. The fruits and vegetables consumed are prime sources of antioxidants. Foods rich in fiber such as fruits and vegetables promote a healthy digestive system, along with healthier cholesterol levels.

These foods also promote a general feeling of fullness between meals. The lean meats and fresh not processed fish help to provide amino acids which are known as the building blocks for new tissue growth. The foods high in protein promote muscle growth, improve brain function and allow for tissue repair. Fish which are protein rich and contain high levels of omega-3's such as sardines, mackerels, salmon, and halibut are known to be linked to an enhanced heart-health along with a reduction in inflammation and an increase in brain functions such as memory.

According to recent research a paleolithic life style diet may improve your overall health. During a 12-week study performed, there were 29 participants who suffered with heart disease and diabetes which were placed in two groups one a paleolithic diet and the other a mediteranian style diet that consisted of vegetables, whole grains, fish oils, low-fat dairy and margarines.

At the conclusion of the study the research found 26-percent of the paleolithic group decreased thier blood sugar and blood pressure levels as opposed to only 7-percent in the alternate group. The paleolithic group also showed greater reductions in their waist size.

Are there risks with the Paleo Diet Plan?

As with any diet there are possible risks. Before beginning the Paleo or any other diet plan you should consult your physician or nutritionist to determine if the diet plan would be safe and appropriate for you. You may see rewards in participating in a Paleo Diet Plan. Through the reduction of processed foods which is known to be a possitive health advantage over the short term, however the long term risks and effects have not yet been released.

Some known possible side effects of a high protein diet are an increase in the risk of developing kidney stones or gout (high concentrations of uric acid levels), if to little fiber is consumed there are increased risks of digestive disorders such as constipation so maintaining a proper fiber intake is crucial.

What are the Paleo Diet Plan recommendations?

The Mayo Clinic recommends if you participate in the Paleo Diet Plan that you do so on a short term schedule as the effects of long term are still unavailable. Other recommendations are to discuss any diet plan with your doctor or nutritionist before you start. When choosing your meats to reduce the risk of high Uric Acid levels choose the leanest meat. When preparing any poultry remove the skin as this contains higher levels of saturated fats and choose low fat dairy and fish.

Never skip meals as skipping meals actually has an adverse affect on weight. When you skip meals especially breakfast the body goes into what is referred to as fasting mode. What does fasting mode do? Fast mode is when the body stores more of the fat, carbohydrates and sugars in preparation of a period without food. This causes uncontrolled weight gain as well as higher blood sugar levels.

I hope that this article has been insightful and informative to you. All facts are derived from the mayo clinic, live strong and diebetologia.

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