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Post Pregnancy Weight Loss - How Men Can Lose Their Sympathy Weight
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Post Pregnancy Weight Loss  -  How Men Can Lose Their Sympathy Weight

Moms-to-be are not the only ones who gain weight during pregnancy. Future dads are also known to pack on a few pounds over those nine months. However, once the baby is born, there is no immediate drop in weight as a result of the birth, and fathers do not receive weight loss benefits from feeding the baby. So, in some ways the men have it harder than the women.

Why Do Men Gain Weight During Pregnancy?

Each relationship is different, so knowing the exact reason for your weight gain can be difficult. However, according to a poll taken of 5,000 men by a marketing company called Onepoll, here are the top reasons for male pregnancy weight gain.

  1. Eating more meals outside the home. 42% of the men surveyed stated that going out to eat more often before the baby was born resulted in their pregnancy weight gain.
  2. More snacks in the house. 41% of the men surveyed indicated their weight gain was due to the increased availability of snacks around the home.
  3. Sympathy weight gain. 25% of the men felt that the desire to make their partner feel better about her own weight gain resulted in their pregnancy weight gain.
  4. Larger servings. 20% of the men ate more per meal due to being served larger portions — apparently by a hungry mom-to-be.

How to Lose The Sympathy Weight

Your baby is here and odds are you are just as exhausted as your partner. You may be taking over one of the middle of the night feedings to help her get more rest. You're probably doing more of the cooking and cleaning so she can devote more time to taking care of the baby. With all these additional responsibilities, how will you lose your pregnancy weight?

Healthy Living

In order to lose your sympathy weight and your partner's pregnancy weight, you need to engage in healthy living. First, do you and your partner a favor and get rid of the junk food. Next, buy whole foods and find new and interesting ways to cook for your partner. Whole grain pasta and brown rice, fresh fruits and vegetables, lean cuts of meat, beans and lentils, and low fat dairy foods should be top on your list.

Make sure you join your partner for some light exercise. A short walk through the neighborhood or park will do all three of you some good. The baby will enjoy the scenery and ultimately fall asleep while you and your partner bond during this family outing. It will increase your metabolisms, and show your support in helping her to lose her pregnancy weight.

You WILL Both Lose The Weight

The Onepoll survey reported that the average weight gain of fathers during their partner's pregnancy was 14 pounds. The average mother gains 30-50 pounds and only loses around 10 of it with the birth of their child.

Fathers, your partners will need your support during their weight loss efforts. Do not, during this time, discuss your weight gain during pregnancy or weight loss post pregnancy with your partner unless she specifically brings it up first. It will be a sensitive subject for her and odds are, you will probably lose your weight before she will - which will be a sore spot.

The best thing you can do is help prepare healthy meals, remove temptations from the household, and join her for some light exercise to help you both burn more calories. There are also some natural steps you can introduce to your lives to give your metabolism a boost to burn even more calories. You will be back to your old weights in no time.

Street Talk

Hehehe... it's a sensitive subject for dad too. I think it's more likely mom needs the warning not to bring it up!! lol

  about 1 decade ago

:) Good point, Heather. Depends on the couple, and how many pounds each one put on.

  about 1 decade ago

AJ you wrote this one for me I know it. I'm 61 and still have the weight I gained from our last born 35 years ago. Now there's an article for you. "How to loose the weight you gained 35 years ago and just too lazy to try." I know you can give me the good advice that my wife has been trying to do for years. But remember one thing it must include cup cakes, sweets and chocolates.

  about 1 decade ago

Rob, your comment on my article about mom's losing their pregnancy weight did give me the idea for this article! I'll need to write something for satisfying a sweet tooth while still eating healthy, that should help you! In the meantime, I have a zucchini carrot raisin walnut muffin recipe that is healthy and sweet. It satisfies my family's sweet tooth and is really good for you! It's under mantuamom on Squidoo - check it out!

  about 1 decade ago

AJ that sounds good to me but I think Rob's likely going cross-eyed! We have a joke in our house about 'creamed eggplant on raisin toast' and I think Zucchini, carrot and sweet in the same sentence mightn't compute for our friend Rob! Sorry Rob... know it's not polite to talk about you in front of you!! ;-) AJ I think it's great you wrote this article. I remember your lightbulb moment when you said you would. Well done!

  about 1 decade ago
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