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Preventing A Heart Attack – How To Save Yourself And Loved Ones!
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Preventing A Heart Attack – How to Save Yourself And Loved Ones!

Ya, Franz here! This subject hits close to home, especially when you get call from your family that your only brother had a heart attack. It was fairly serious! If he had not been rushed to the operating room within ten minutes of arriving at the hospital, the doctors said he was a goner! Wow, reality check! So, healthy Franz wants to talk to every one out there about preventing a heart attack.

Surprisingly enough, someone dies of heart disease and stroke every 7 minutes. My brother was almost that statistic. Now, I have to tell you that he and I are not real close as families with only two siblings tend to be. We just don’t have that much in common, yet he is my only brother. We have completely different interests. We always have. I like to study nutrition and learn about ways to let food be the cure for disease, eat like a cow (I like to graze), and only put things in my mouth that benefit the health of my body.

Now, my brother has been the complete opposite. When he left for college he went crazy at the dorm cafeteria. You could eat all you want, and he did. The first year he came home 20 pounds heavier. From that point on he never lost that weight, and kept adding to it. At his worst he was 240 pounds, at a little over six feet tall. Now his occupation is that of being a pilot. He was encouraged to lose the weight. Being a pilot does not lend itself to a healthy lifestyle. There’s bad food, hotel restaurants, bad cockpit air, and the stress of all the lives of many passengers in his hands.

God bless the heroes like Captain Sully, the US Air pilot that safely landed in the Hudson River, saving all those people. Shortly after that, he retired. Can you blame him? Next time you fly, if you can, thank that pilot for doing what he does. They don’t get paid that well. They just love to fly! And yes, it’s not like the new show Pan Am.

So, what does my brother do so he will be preventing a heart attack from happening again? Well, he has to change his diet. With two completely clogged arteries surgically repaired he has to think seriously about what he is eating. In these cases that is the first place to start. Next is getting more active, and then deal with the stress. Maybe they should issue pilots laughing gas in the cockpit? But seriously, many diseases can be prevented, as well as reversed, by just eating all the foods nature provides – unprocessed and alive.

Preventing a heart attack comes down to eating for health! This is the first and easiest thing you can do to keep your heart healthy. We have all heard the effects of bad cholesterol on the heart, how too many fatty foods and unhealthy fats clog the arteries, etc. I am not a believer in Lipitor and all this other stuff doctors prescribe. It may be a temporary cure for the heart problem but the side effects may kill you – the poor liver has to deal with it! You have heard the side effect warnings on all the drug commercials. The side effects are worse than the disease they are trying to cure. Just eat a quality diet! I write about it constantly, and I wish you could sense my passion, maybe you can. I hope so! Hey, my Dad is 84 years young and was out painting the house this summer. How many 84 year olds do you know that do that? By the way, he loves his fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, and healthy grains!

The quality of what you eat can be measured just by three simple criteria: the level of micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals), the amount of macronutrients (fat, carbohydrates, protein), and avoidance of toxic food additives (fake fats, processed sodium, growth hormones, high fructose corn syrup, etc.)

My bother has to understand that preventing a heart attack from happening again is all about realizing that healthy food choices have powerful disease preventing effects. I would say the simplest thing that he could do would be to shop around the outside isles of the grocery store, choose one ingredient foods, and go by the rule that if it spoils quickly, it has a better chance of having a healthy effect on your body. Remember the old adage, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away?” It still works!

Okay, I wish my brother the best in his efforts in preventing a heart attack from happening again! He knows how to eat healthfully; he’s heard it all his life. He has had three people telling him how. Maybe now he’ll listen. Don’t wait till it’s too late! Healthy meal plans don’t have to be complicated nor expensive. Do your research if you want to improve your health, and prevent disease, and you will avoid being the “one every seven minute” statistic!

As always, I wish you vibrant health, many blessings, and a long life!

Ya, zis is Franz signing off!

Street Talk

Good to hear Mark! Become a student of nutrition and you will avoid becoming a statistic!

  about 1 decade ago

Yes Franz, I have a friend that is 48 and he could have been a statistic also. He had a heart attack and when he arrived at the hospital, the doctor asked his wife...if they had a will. Wow!!! Thank God he survived that one. He now has just quality diets. As for myself, four weeks ago I started consuming what my body needs. Healthy nutrition ( 80% ) Exercise ( 20% ). Thanks, Franz

  about 1 decade ago
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