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Probiotics, Acid Reflux - Which One Wins?
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Probiotics, Acid Reflux - Which One Wins?

Do you think the term probiotics acid reflux is a contradictory term? It is because probiotics is a good thing for your body while acid reflux is not. What happens when they happen together and what can be done to resolve any symptoms that the individual may experience?

We know that probiotics are required for our digestive system to function and we know that acid reflux can harm us. Can probiotics resolve an acid reflux condition and is there a possibility that probiotics make the acid reflux worse? Before we the probiotics acid reflux scenario, let’s review both terms individually.

Probiotics are found naturally in our bodies. There are actually around 400 different probiotics in our body’s diligently working to keep us healthy. Probiotics are super microorganisms that help to break down foods into a small enough form that our bloodstream can absorb the necessary nutrients from the foods we’ve eaten.

Probiotics - If our bodies don’t have enough probiotics, by the way there are bad and good ones, then we must supplement our diets with a supplement or certain foods that contain the cultures our body requires. Supplements can be purchased at your favorite health food store, pharmacy or nutritional store; if you have concerns as to which ones would be best for you or if you should even take them, consult with your physician. You can also take them naturally through foods with live cultures already in them like yogurt.

Acid Reflux - The medical name is gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD and is when stomach acids move backwards up into the esophagus. This can be a very uncomfortable condition which is generally treated with medication and/or a change in the diet. Once controlled, the symptoms are reduced or resolved.

On one hand we have the probiotics working hard to keep our digestive system functioning properly while on the other hand the acid reflux is occurring and causing us uncomfortable pain. The acid reflux is caused by the gastric juices from the digestive system which may mean that the probiotics are not functioning properly or the body does have enough to fight and conquer the bad bacteria within the digestive system. The circle of probiotics acid reflux ups and downs can be a tricky one to resolve.

Both issues can be treated but the treatments must be done in such a way that the body’s own processes will be maintained and supported rather than damaged and discounted. Since the digestive system can be sensitive in some people, the balance must be carefully maintained. It seems that there is a vicious circle which must be stopped.

If there is a solution for the probiotics acid reflux circle, it will be specific to the individual who is suffering. It could be that an increase in the probiotics will resolve the acid reflux disease as more food can be dissolved more quickly and prevent the acid reflux. It could be that the acid reflux is being caused by certain foods and a change in the diet is required.

Overall, probiotics are good for us and we can add them to our daily diets through supplements or by eating certain foods. Acid reflux is common is 6 out of every 10 adults and is this due to our diets or other issues? Discussing probiotics, acid reflux and your health require education, prevention and a proper diet and exercise program.

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