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Proper Nutrition: Science In The Plate
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A healthy lifestyle and a varied diet, which brings

several active substances in the body, means that our internal environment has the characteristics necessary to block the development of the disease since the early stages. Good rules to allow the table to act on several fronts advance and extend the life span.

Often one wonders how a food can help fight a disease like cancer. The secret is simple: before becoming a real scourge for the body, the cancer may be present in many people in a latent form, which shows no sign of him, and which is often too underdeveloped to deal damage.

The components of food can cause many cells every day, inside the human body, take the road of malignant transformation, are eliminated from the defense systems in the progression or even blocked and reported to the state of healthy cells.

It has been demonstrated in the laboratory that certain natural chemicals are capable of slowing the growth of cancer cells (and this is a good sign that may be useful in humans). Other facilitate apoptosis, which is the 'suicide programmed' cell, a natural mechanism of protection of the body to which cancer cells escape. Several phytochemicals (ie substances of natural origin) have antiangiogenesis properties, that may block the development of new blood vessels in the vicinity of tumors, making them difficult to eat chile and then expand.

Finally, many foods act on the so-called microenvironment, or the general state of the organism in the vicinity of the cell: thus facilitate the work of the immune system and prevent cancer cells by preventing them to create an environment that facilitates growth.

A new way of life in five moves

Proper nutrition is essential for a good quality of life for aging well. Health, in fact, is gained and preserved at the table above, as children learn the rules of healthy eating. The traditional Mediterranean diet is now considered worldwide one of the most effective for the protection of health and is also one of the most diverse and balanced, you know.

In following articles, I will be ffering simple general rules for eating well, five moves to a new lifestyle, inspired precisely to the Mediterranean diet is associated with regular physical activity. But it should be noted that if you want to lose a few pounds or in case of complaints related to food allergies and you should contact your doctor. Do not do any "do it yourself." diets.

Make it so!

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