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Quick Healthy Dinner Meals
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Many people struggle to find the time to create healthy dinner meals. When creating a healthy eating plan, you need to ensure that you are getting enough protein, fiber, nutrients and carbohydrates. Some people take the time to count all the calories and aim for the correct recommended daily allowance. However, it does not have to be that complicated to come up with quick healthy dinner meals.

There are a few simple things that you want to keep in mind. You will need a protein, a vegetable and maybe a carbohydrate. Some people believe in the paleolithic diet and don't touch the pasta and breads. Protein fills you up and organic vegetables will give you the nutrients that your body needs.

As often as you can, you should try to cook in a healthy oil, such as extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil (Thai dishes often use coconut oil and it is actually very healthy). These oils add loads of flavor and are actually very healthy for you. You will want to saute or grill your food. Try to get out of the habit of eating fried foods. Baked foods are very healthy, but take much longer.

Try to use seasonal, local produce for quick healthy dinner meals. Local produce means that it was picked recently and probably still has much of the nutrients in it. Using local produce also supports the farmers in the area and keeps the money in your community. Try to find some that use organic methods.

Use one pan if you can. This is a little green/eco friendly tip. I like to cut up my vegetables and mix them with my protein (usually a poultry or a fish). You can also purchase precut vegetables if you are not handy with a knife, but keep in mind that you will lose some of the nutrients when you do that. It is always best to cut the vegetables just prior to cooking.

Another great tip is to cook in advance. Many times, I will make a stir fry and cook some extra rice. The next night, I will choose some other vegetables from my fridge and create a fried rice dish. That way I saved time because I had the rice already cooked from the day before. All I had to do was throw in some peas, carrots onions and heat it up in the pan for ten or fifteen minutes.

There are many quick healthy dinner meals available for you online. Lots of people are sharing what they like to eat with their friends on blogs. The next time you can't think of something fast for dinner, just go online!

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