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Research Confirms That Breakfast Might Really Be The Most Important Meal Of The Day
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Research in 2008 showed that a diet that started with what was deemed the “big” breakfast was more effective than other diets being used at that time. That diet plan included higher carbohydrate and protein calories, and more calories overall. New research has reconfirmed that diet’s importance by showing how a breakfast that is higher in lean proteins may not only decrease food cravings but to prevent overeating later in the day. That study also confirmed that trying to adhere to a lower carbohydrate diet caused mental sluggishness which was the major reason that it was so difficult to stay on for the long term.

That research, conducted by the University of Minnesota, suggested that a healthy breakfast would help people maintain a healthy weight as well as allowing them to lose weight more easily. The study, conducted with teenagers, had the groups behaving different ways and then assessing how they felt. Teens were selected for the study because a staggering 60% of people ages 16-21 report skipping breakfast on a daily basis. In the first week of the breakfast study, the teens were told to continue skipping breakfast as they normally did. In the second week, they were given a 500 calorie breakfast consisting of cereal and milk with a regular amount of protein included in the meal. In the third and final week of the study, the teens were given a meal that included a higher calorie count and an increased amount of protein.

After each meal, the teens were given a survey to assess how they felt- including their hunger and energy levels. They were then brought in for a functional, magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) test which would show how their brain was behaving. After the test, they were given lunch. The results showed that after both of the breakfasts, the brains of all of the teens showed lower amounts of activity in the regions that control food motivation as well as that of reward driven eating.

Breakfast skipping has been directly linked to unhealthy eating, along with nighttime overeating, that typically leaves to weight gain and to obesity. Eating a breakfast, even one that is high in calories, can lead to weight loss because there is a reduced risk of overeating and between meal snacks. A larger meal may also maintain a steadier blood sugar level for longer which increases the energy levels and may keep metabolism high as well.

The breakfast suggestion is an important one, particularly in people who are adhering to the rule that has them eating their last meal around six pm. The longer that these people go without eating anything at all, the more likely they are to deal with increased hunger and succumb to food cravings later in the day. The hunger sensations that are felt physically may also trigger the psychological rewards center in the brain, which is responsible for the cravings for foods that offer emotional sensation and satisfaction but may not be nutritionally beneficial.

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