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Secret To Better Health
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Secret to Better Health

Its Not What You Eat, Its What You Don't Eat

Myth: You Get all the nutrition you need from healthy organic foods

In recent years we all have heard a lot about how important it is to eat organic, whole, "healthy" foods and that low-fat, "good carb" diets are the norm. The unknown fact is that you could still be missing the mark when it comes to getting all those nutrients.

Im sure you know people who go on traditional "diets" by restricting and elimination of certain foods, choosing the "healthy" alternatives, but why do most still struggle losing the weight?The Secret to Better Health might sound crazy but im going to mention a few unknown secrets to heal your body at a cellular level. This will simple including-not subtracting-foods to your life!

Because Americans are overfed and undernourished, we tend to be overweight and dehydrated

Clinical studies show too little of important nutrients can increase the risk of cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, and premature aging. About 80% of americans allegedly try to eat healthier, about 10% say they are always successful, but yet still the majority of us are overweight or obese. Maybe instead of limiting grams of fat or focusing on what carbs to eat and avoid, we simply ate foods that add to our cellar development and keep us hydrated. Think about it if our bodies are mostly made of water i have heard figures ranging from 75-80% water, wouldn't it make sense to make sure we stay hydrated? I think we would see a change, and most problems about weight would just end.

The beef i have with most diets is that tell you what not to eat, which deprives you (in more cases than not) of crucial nutrients and some times your emotional stability. It is really true that we are what we eat. If we where to complete a fully chemical analysis of your body, the findings will tell us similar to that found in the foods we eat: fat molecules, protein,vitamins and minerals. All these nutrients help you to metabolize food and generate energy you need to live. Your body is a self-generating factory: it is constantly renewing every cell in your body. Each month you renew your skin, every six weeks you have a new liver, and astonishing every three months we have new bones! TO renew and rebuild these organs ,tissues and bones, we must supply our bodies with the right nutrients that have been lose to constant use , degeneration, oxygenation and aging.

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