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Soda Addiction - Is There A Cure?
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Soda Addiction  -  Is There A Cure?

Do you know that drinking one twenty ounce soda is like eating seventeen teaspoons of sugar? And, believe it or not, American's spend over sixty six billion a year on carbonated drinks like soda. Can you have a soda addiction? I believe most people who consume two or more cans or bottles a day are addicted to it, whether they know it or not. And what they are addicted to is the caffeine and sugar.

Does this product have a negative impact on your health? Perhaps if you know what drinking soda can do to you I can help break your soda addiction and perhaps improve your health and weight issues.

Your soda addiction definitely leads to weight gain. Whether it's diet soda or the regular stuff, drinking soda does not help the battle of the bulge. Diet soda drinkers think that since they are saving calories on the soda they can splurge elsewhere. The only people I see drinking the stuff are obese. Just look in the shopping carts of the folks in Wal-mart! The people shopping at Whole Foods are not buying diet soda! And for the regular soda drinkers just one sugar loaded soda a day, for a whole year, can add twenty six pounds of fat to your body. You would have to burn ninety one thousand calories to get rid of that fat! Would you walk a couple of miles a day to keep your soda addiction?

Your soda addiction can also weaken your bones. Studies of teens that drink soda on a regular basis showed much lower bone densities than their counterparts who drank other beverages. Lower bone densities make it easier for a person to break or fracture a bone. There are also studies that show that carbonated beverages have a negative affect on bone density. In order for the body to process carbonation it requires calcium to metabolize it. So soda is a great way to rob much needed calcium from your body.

There are also issues of tooth decay, stomach aches, and gas from a soda addiction. The acid and sugar in soda are definitely not leading you toward vibrant health!

So what can you do to cure your soda addiction? First, you can go cold turkey and get the stuff out of your house, or you can wean yourself off slowly. Going cold turkey can lead to headaches and nausea due to the elimination of the caffeine in soda. You can replace the caffeine with something like green tea to help with that aspect of the process. Going at a slower pace to try and wean yourself off the soda addiction can also be trouble as you may not ever quite. The best advice is go cold turkey, drink a lot of water to flush your system, and supplement with green tea if you are experiencing adverse symptoms. Caffeinated green tea is still healthier than drinking soda. It has some metabolism boosting properties too.

What else can you replace the soda with? Filtered ice water with lemon, lime, or some other natural fruit juice of your choice, added as flavoring. You can also drink herbal teas, coffee, or juice. But realize that you are still replacing sugar, caffeine and acid with another kind of caffeine and fruit sugar, so water is really your best choice if you are seeking optimal health.

Please do your research on this subject. If you have a soda addiction to either diet soda, or the regular sugar loaded stuff, there is a cure! Water is a great start! Franz's beverage choices are water ninety percent of the time. Other than that it is organic coffee, tea, or the occasional organic red wine. I used to be a diet soda drinker until I realized how bad the stuff is for you. Once you know that something you are consuming impacts your health negatively how can you put it in your mouth in good conscience. How can you knowingly ingest something that will harm your body?

When it comes to soda, just say no!

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