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Supplements For IBS
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Supplements For IBS

Today I stumbled across an article talking about supplements for IBS. So we are on the same page, this stands for irritable bowel syndrome. The article was talking about a new product called RezVera. The product itself looks to be very well put together, is made with all natural products, etc. etc. etc... So you might ask what my issue is?

The Issue

My issue is that I am sick and tired of seeing new products being created that serve only to antagonize real problems. This product claims to relieve the symptoms of IBS, and I have no doubt that it does. But why, WHY I ask, do we need a product to relieve the symptoms when we have it in our power to actually just do away with the problem entirely?

What Is The Real Cause?

Lets talk about what actually contributes to, if not directly causes IBS and why supplements for IBS are unnecessary. The first thing that we need to understand is that almost all of our health issues that are common today are society driven and society caused. Obesity and diabetes are two major ones that come to mind, and both are 100% the fault of our lifestyles, or in some cases the lifestyles of generations before us.

So what actually contributes heavily to the ailment that we know as irritable bowel syndrome? The main culprit here is beans and legumes. Like I mentioned before, this seems to fly in the face of all conventional wisdom. We can all remember back to our childhood, or maybe more recently for some of us, when our mother said "eat your beans, they're good for you". So what is the deal?

It boils down to this. In our age of science and technology, not withstanding the numerous centuries of agricultural know how that we have under our belts, we have come to believe that beans are good for us because they contain protein and many other beneficial nutrients. The problem is they also contain large amounts of lectins.

Lectins are are basically a type of protein that actually is harmful to the human body, specifically these problems arise in our intestinal tract when beans and legumes are consumed. So why is it that we still think that beans are good for us? The simple answer is that you would have to eat an unrealistic amount of beans for it to be life threatening. The most we are usually going to experience from this reaction is some minor discomfort and bloating.

Why Supplement Instead Of Cure?

But the question remains, why are we so willing to go out and buy supplements for IBS when we could just stop eating beans and achieve the same end? Supplements for IBS are all over the place, doctors haven't come out with any real "cures" so naturally people are looking toward home remedies for the answer. But in the end, what better home remedy than just equipping yourself with knowledge and adjusting your diet accordingly?

Revamping Priorities

Another option to consider if you are looking for alternatives to supplements for IBS is this. As you go about changing your dietary intake, why not further equip yourself with some extra healing power with extra virgin coconut oil. All of us have been living to some extent or another under the influence of our society. This means that our bodies are in need to some major maintenance and repair. Coconut oil is exactly what your body needs.

Instead of looking for supplements for IBS or other minor ailments that can just as easily be avoided. You should be on the look out for supplements for a better lifestyle. Extra virgin coconut oil is one product that will absolutely change your life inside and out.

Street Talk


I really don't think beans are the problem. I was diagnosed with IBS 3 years ago, and had stopped eating them before that because I noticed they didn't agree with me. Other foods are triggers for me as well, dairy, wheat, soy, corn, and more and more daily it seem. I think every person with IBS has their own trigger foods and an elimination diet is a must to find out exactly what they are is very important. If it was beans none of us would be going through the agony of IBS. I will try the coconut oil though, I've heard good things about it from other people.

  about 1 decade ago

I don't think beans are the main contributor to IBS. Doctors aren't sure of it's cause and there's varying opinion on how to treat it. My best friend has it and it's disruptive to her life so I wouldn't consider it a minor ailment. That being said, I'm sure coconut oil is a great product and would love to start using it in my own diet.

  about 1 decade ago
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