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Taste Home Healthy Cooking
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Taste Home Healthy Cooking

I know to most of us the sound of the statement to taste home healthy cooking sounds pretty blah, the blah part being healthy. It is partly a mental thing. Not going to go into every little detail now, but hopefully this will give you something to think about. We need to have some healthy food first.

Health food what is it? To my surprise there really isn't any one definition for the term health food. It seems like it covers everything. When I thought of the term health food it was usually of something opposite to the fast foods.

Fast food either out or at home, you know the food with a kick, plenty of calories and absolutely no nutritional value whatsoever.

Or health food the natural stuff, organic, you know the food you thought you had to go to the Health food store to get. I am not talking about you going on a weight loss diet although I think eating healthy would help. I am talking about us eating in moderation and eating foods that have a nutritional value so you feel good physically and mentally.

Most of us don't think about what we eat now. Although we all know there is a better way, a healthier way. But it is too hard to change, after all it is too tasteless, too expensive, too much work, no time or it is always something. Hey you know that sounds like me in a heartbeat right there.

But we would rather grab some junk food instead, which gives us a temporary feel good and has very little nutritional value.

It is not our fault we have grown up in a society where eating the greasy foods, sweets and etc. containing salt, sugar, dies, preservatives, is just who we are.

Where has all the nutrition gone long time processing? Processed foods with preservatives have less nutritional value and less taste. They do keep longer, but I think there are better alternatives. The fresher the food the better it is. The more nutritional value it has.

Healthy foods do they taste different, I think so after all they are not covered with Salt and Sugar. You know that foods actually do have their own flavors, and you can add some herbs and spices.

Wow is it different, yes? But when you become accustom to it. Wow your food will be alive with the taste of flavors. It will also have antioxidants,nutrition, and new real flavors. Healthy eating is a way of life.

Something else worth looking at is what is not healthy. There are many unhealthy foods list. You will be surprised at what you find. Some of the foods just sound healthy.

At least we should give our children a chance as they are in the growing stages and it will be easier for them to adjust to healthy eating. They no doubt will need support to overcome peer pressure though. Healthy food for kids should be a priority. It is easier to keep track of than you think. Might be harder for you and your young one to deal with it mentally.

Healthy cooking and eating can lower high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Well what are we going to do now, nothing? Now we need to start reading and learning about all the important ingredients and small print stuff on the back of your products. And start buying or growing fresher, choosing frozen veggies over canned and so on.

A USDA analysis stated that healthy foods do not necessarily cost more than less healthy foods, considering weight and portion size vs. price per calorie.

Of course portion size is a again another story. Price is probably not the best excuse for not eating healthy.

How much is your health worth. It isn't just about what we eat but how you eat to. Moderation and that is once again a whole other story.

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