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The Benefits Of Drinking Water
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The Benefits Of Drinking Water

Ya, Franz Here! How about we talk about something I am sure you know all about, right? You are probably thinking what is Franz crazy? How basic a topic is this? Well, let me tell you what I observe as I live from day to day. If we all know the benefits of drinking water, and I mean healthy water, than why do I see a can of soda, energy drinks, red bull, coffee, and beer in people’s hands instead of just something as refreshing and healthy as water. Sure, I love coffee (organic by the way), a glass of red wine (loaded with resveratrol), but the bulk of my liquid consumption is just plain old water(I add lemon and lime to increase alkalinity). Why don’t we reach for a glass of water all throughout the day instead of all these commercial drinks that are advertised to us as healthy? Because we lack the education as to why they are not all that they claim. The long term effects will not be known for years

The benefits of drinking water throughout the day become apparent when you actually do just that. Until you consume somewhere between half your body weight, in ounces, each day, you will not discover a simple health benefit that most just seem to slough off as being too simple. Franz is repeating this basic info of the benefits of drinking water every day as step number one to you achieving your best health possible. Look, how can you get “pumped up” on soda? Come on! It’s got benzene in it for gosh sakes! You can dissolve teeth with the stuff. If you want to do one thing for yourself that will start you off to better health, than I would suggest you skip all the other stuff and just drink water for a week.

Okay you are thinking, why should I try that? Well since your body approximately 70% water, it needs constant replenishment. You sweat it out, it evaporates, you excrete it, it’s used in metabolism, it flushes out toxins, and it needs to be replaced. Only pure water can do the job. This is why the benefits of drinking water are so important to your move to become a healthier person. We are coming to the end of another year and you may be thinking about that New Year’s Resolution for 2012. Start with something simple and grab hold of the benefits of drinking water every day!

Before I leave you with that thought though, I want to be sure you are only drinking water that is appropriate. I am not a fan of buying bottled water. I now in the city you have to do something because all the water is heavily chlorinated and contains lots of contaminants that you should avoid. Remember Erin Brockovich and haxavalent chromium in the water in Hinkley, California? It’s now showing up in more water sources. I am not a fan of drinking out of plastic bottles as they leach toxins, especially when left in a hot climate. The best thing you can do is to have a good filtration system on your drinking source at home, one that has a kdf filter, a charcoal filter, and a sediment filter. These can be found anywhere on the internet. Your water should be in the 8-9ph range, with all the minerals still intact. I am not a fan of reverse osmosis water as it is stripped of all the best properties that water has. The worst part is that it leaves the water in the 4-6ph range. A health body should have a ph range much higher than that! So if you are drinking water that has a low ph, or is basically acidic, what will that do for you? It will eventually be a contributing factor to other problems. So, just get some good filtration and store your good water in bpa free bottles and containers. These new stainless steel bottles that are sold at natural grocery stores are great for bringing water along with you as you go about your day. Hey, it takes a little extra effort but at what cost for better health?

Okay, enough on the benefits of drinking water. I have consumed at least eight ounces while writing this and I think it’s time to visit the bathroom, not the boardroom. Hey, one more thing on that point. If you go, you know potty, and what’s left in the bowl, or urinal, is anything but pale yellow, you better drink some more water! Can’t poop, drink more water! Writing can give you a headache, you know? Ah, but not me! I am properly hydrated so that’s not a problem. Next time you get a headache try drinking 12 ounces of water, with a little fresh lemon, and relax for 10 minutes. Once hydration levels return your headache will subside. A headache is natures way, along with the blood brain barrier, to save resources, because the brain being some ninety plus percent water will hold on when water gets scarce, hence a headache.

So, in your efforts to become healthier, perhaps a new plan to eat better, maybe a goal to shed some weight next year, should start here with the benefits of drinking water. Do the best you can with finding a healthy source for that water and always keep looking for improvement. The quality of your drinking water can be simply measured with today’s cool gadgets. My wish for you is vibrant health, many blessings, and long life!

Ya, zis is Franz signing off!

Street Talk

I always have to remind myself to drink more water, good explanation.

  about 9 years ago
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