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The Potential Dangers Of Hybridized Foods
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Peculiar genetic improvisations have created a wider variety of food that we see in our grocery stores today. Terms such as “grapple” or “pluots” describe the advances that have been made on the foods that consumers purchase. As interesting as these modified food choices seem, individuals must also realize that not everything that is created is optimal for their health. Health concerns arise for many people when it is already known that the leading cause of death in America is heart disease. Preventative measures to avoid heart disease, such as good nutrition, is ideal for living a healthy, energy-abundant life-style.

One of the main concerns regarding healthy genetically modified food is whether the food actually provides the daily nutrition that is needed. Some studies have been performed, with findings indicating that genetically modified food may bring very few benefits to our diet; in fact, one study executed in New Zealand found that there were numerous risks with genetically engineered food consumption. One striking find from this study was that some genetically modified food contained DNA that could invade human genetic structures. This study investigated some international research findings, revealing the chance of DNA transfer from the genetically engineered organism to the human chromosome through food consumption. Additional concerns assured from related studies include health risks conjoint with antibiotic immunity.

Another interesting study pertained to the attitudes of individuals on genetically modified foods. This test found that if more negative findings and warnings were broadcasted through the media, then the consumers were less likely to purchase the genetically modified foods, whereas if the reporting levels diminished, then more people would be accepting of the product. This is important because this shows the psychology of the potential buyers and how media has influence over their decision-making.

From a few of these articles, it is apparent that more research must be conducted even with some important findings that have been researched, published and available for people to access online. For those who are attentive to their health and generally educated will know where the resources are for educating themselves about recently developed foods, related additional information, and prevention methods. Conclusively, the people who are not so attentive to their health and only rely on the television, will be stripped of the knowledge that could help them from potential health problems later on. As mentioned earlier, heart disease is the leading cause of death, and understanding problems from the cellular level and also correctly informing the public will help put a stop to the development of more health problems. This will additionally help minimize cases of criminology from the producers who are simply looking for profit, over the concern for the health of others.

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