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The Significance Of A Balanced Cholesterol Diet
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The Significance Of A Balanced Cholesterol Diet

A large number of people worldwide are suffering from the menace of high cholesterol symptoms which include a number of life threatening diseases. This has got a lot to do with our modern lifestyle. Most of us have given up the traditional food which contains whole grains, fruits and vegetables. These days most people are relishing upon fast food which is saturated with fat and oil. This is making the cholesterol ratio in our body go haywire. Moreover most people these days are too busy to find some time and do some basic exercises. This increasingly sedentary lifestyle is the silent killer that the healthcare experts the world over are warning the common people against.

Also it is essential that there should be a stop to the rampant smoking habit and instances of alcohol abuses should be stopped as well. If these are not controlled then more and more people are likely to fall prey to the diseases. This is because all these bad habits are contributing to the global rise in the number of obese people who are at an alarmingly risk of falling prey to a number of metabolic and cardiovascular diseases. Earlier these diseases occurred mostly in the older age groups but now they are occurring in every age group. All of these can be prevented through regular exercise and a proper and well balanced diet.

The especial ratio can help in maintaining the ratio of the good cholesterol to that of bad one in the body. High Density Lipids or HDL is good for our health while Low Density Lipids or LDL are the ones behind the various diseases. The ratio of HDL + LDL to that of HDL alone should ideally be below 3.5 and should never cross 5 because then a lot of warning symptoms will start to appear.

High level of Low Density Lipids has been known to play a part in the development of the type II diabetes. They also cause coronary thrombosis and cerebral hemorrhage because they have a tendency to settle down and block the blood vessels supplying blood and oxygen to various vital organs including heart and brain. They have also been indicted to be behind a number of other ailments including those of liver and kidneys. Cholesterol levels chart is one of the most efficient ways of tackling these conditions.

A proper diet should not be bereft of cholesterol entirely but the total content should heavily favor the High Density Lipids. Also there should be whole grains as a part of the diet because they contain a large amount of HDL in addition to other nutrients. They along with oats are also rich in fibers which help in maintaining the healthy blood pressure. Cholesterol lowering food such as fruits, vegetables and nuts are excellent source of HDL and they play a prominent role in preventing the development of disease. Do regular exercise and eat a balanced diet to lead a long and healthy life by keeping the ratio in check.

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