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The Size Of Your Plate
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The Size Of Your Plate

Our portion sizes have been getting bigger and bigger, because our plates have become bigger. Apparently over the years our plates and serving bowls and glasses and drinking cups have got a lot larger without us actually noticing or even caring very much.. However with the increase of the size of our plates this means that we have increased our appetites and food intake. Subconsciously we are indeed putting more food on our plates and eating bigger portions. When we eat from a larger plate then out portion size is going to be distorted and you are more likely to consume more calories this way as you underestimate the calories in the food.

Its not just plates that have got bigger, in supermarkets, we are faced with bigger sizes of food products particular foods such as crisps biscuits and chocolate. You are persuaded to buy the larger products as they usually are promoted and advertised as good value for money. When you buy the larger sizes of food products, and then you are unsure of how much you have actually eaten and when people cook in large amounts then then they are more likely to eat more as well.

At a buffet or all you can eat restaurant you are encouraged and it is the norm ‘to get your moneys worth’ and to go back more than once to the buffet table. In this situation it is better if you choose a smaller plate. Scientists have found that where someone has a large plate they are more likely to eat more food. The opposite of this applies when you use a small plate then you will eat less. However this is not going to stop you from returning for more food. The best thing to do would be to wait a while, maybe have a drink and a chat. In this way you are being more aware of what you have eaten and if you are still hungry.

Where large sized portionsl are offered you tend to think that this is the acceptable amount to eat. For example in a restaurant if you are served a large portion you are going to try to eat it all even though you are feeling full.

We all know of the supersize eating places where for just a small extra cost you can get bigger portions and bigger drinks. You might think its ok to order these portions of food thinking you will only eat what you want. Unfortunately research shows that you are more likely to eat the whole amount even though you might be feeling full up.

Fast food restaurants are aiming to offer you better value when you supersize your order. They are not in the business to promote healthy eating, after all they are using the same selling technique to all their customers.

We are beginning to lose all perception of how much we should be eating and actually forget to listen to our body and the stomach when it is full. The answer to this problem is not to buy the larger sizes and packages from the supermarkets and to use smaller plates and bowls to eat your meals from..

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