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The Wonders Of Caribbean Oatmeal
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The Wonders Of Caribbean Oatmeal

As child you may have been given oatmeal for breakfast by your parents because it is soft and easy to digest for children. Somehow your mother had little tricks to make it taste good too. As time passed and we became older and you were less interested in oatmeal and more interested in cereal, bacon and eggs or pancakes. It was almost like you graduated from eating oatmeal into eating the real stuff. One of the most interesting things I noticed while living in the carribbean was that many of their senior citizens were eating oatmeal everyday and routinely living to be 85 to 100 years of age.

It was like life had went in reverse because the older they got the more they went back to eating “some of the things” that they ate while they were children, namely oatmeal. I investigated what oatmeal had in it that made it so very good for the body. It is noteworthy that the way the people in the Dominican Republic prepared their oatmeal is much healthier than how many people prepare it in the United States.

They were using freshly squeezed milk from a cow so there was nothing pre-manufactured or engineered by man. The milk was so fresh that if you left it alone for a while you would come back to see a yellow film floating at the top of it, which was where the butter came from. Then they added some salt, cinnamon and another local herb that I could not quite pronounce. After the oatmeal was prepared it looked like it was just pure milk.

I inquired as to why it looked that way and the elder woman explained that they did not eat oatmeal that was very thick like we do in America. It was very liquid-like but the taste was so good that I asked for more. She later explained to me that she prepared oatmeal for her grand-children the same way every morning for the last fifteen years. I dared to ask her what was so good about oatmeal and why she did not prepare eggs and plantains as many of the others on the island.

She explained that she was very health conscious and that the oatmeal lowered cholesterol and kept her in good standing. It is also known to give energy which allows ffor her to continue to move around as an eighty year old. She figured that if her mother had given this to her while she was growing up and her mother lived to be nearly 100 years old then it was certainly something she wanted her grand-children to benefit from.

As far as she could remember she informed me that she has never had any major illness in her life and attributed her good health to her faith in GOD and her daily consumption of oatmeal which keeps her using the restroom a few times per day because of the fiber that it contains.

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