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Top 13 Super Foods For Effective Weight Loss In 2013
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Top 13 Super Foods For Effective Weight Loss In 2013

Did you make a new years resolution for 2013 to lose weight? Most people who do make resolutions pick that one. Weight lose is the biggest goal by far. Well if you where one of the countless millions who vowed to lose weight this year then it is imperative to eat the right kinds of foods. Have you ever heard of "Super Foods"? Super foods are foods that are rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants plus they are excellent foods in the ability of burn fat and keep it off.

1. Apples- Did you know that eating just one apple a day can keep you slim and trim? Research has shown that by eating apples it will prevent metabolic syndrome, which is a condition that results from having too much belly fat.

2. Eggs- Despite the myth of eggs being loaded with cholesterol, scrambled eggs actually help regulate your blood sugar levels as well as curbing your appetite, which is great news for diabetics.

3. Fiber- This is a no brainer. Having a high fiber breakfast will go along ways in helping you lose weight. Again a high fiber breakfast will keep you full longer and will aid in proper metabolism.

4. Avocados- Although not my favorite, are high in fats, the good ones. These fats are not only heart healthy but induces satiety or the feeling of being satisfied.

5. Green Tea- There has been a lot of talk regarding the health benefits of Green tea. Research has shown that green tea will aid in weight loss because of being rich in antioxidants and contains catechins, a substance that helps the body burn fat quicker.

6. Salmon- Very similar to the properties of Avocados in that they too have the good fat. They also have a high concentration of Omega 3 fatty acids which is important in the care of the body.

7. Chiles- Raises your metabolism and contains capsaicin which promotes a thermogenic effect, which allows the body to burn calories when it is at rest.

8. Beans- Will lower cholesterol and keep blood sugar levels normal. Plus it is effect in lowering the appetite.

9. Olive Oil- The best of all oils in losing weight because it is high in mono-saturated fats which speeds up the burning of calories.

10. Lean Beef- If you want to build up those muscles and lose fat then the leucine and amino acids in lean beef will do that.

11. Oats- A good source of fiber. Referred as slow release carbs they work best if eaten a few hours just before your workout. Plus they will not raise sugar levels so your body will more an likely burn fat then store it.

12. Blueberries- Enough cannot be said about blueberries. Not only high in antioxidants but one cup will give you 3 grams of fiber.

13. Sweet Potato- 4 grams of fiber in a medium sweet potato. Helps regulate sugar levels and curbs that hunger pain.

These foods are not that expensive or difficult to eat. They will all promote weight loss and health. A few of them can even be eaten raw or added to your meal. So lets make 2013 a good start and eat healthy with these super foods.

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