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Toxic Skin Care And Skin Aging Treatments
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Toxic skin care is involved in many skin aging treatments. Even some of the most expensive and beautifully packaged skin and deep wrinkle treatments contain mineral oil, a petroleum product. This product, and many of the high risk ingredients in skin aging treatments, have a variety of names on the labels.

Mineral oil, or petrolatum as it is often called, accumulates in fat deposits in the body, and shows up in breast milk. Often, nursing mothers will use a cream on sore breasts which is toxic to the baby. This is a direct absorption, and not from a beauty application of toxic skin products.

To save yourself from investigating every commercial product on the market for facial wrinkle treatments, take the safe route. The best anti ageing treatments are inside your body, assimilated from what you eat. For example, a few of the best deep wrinkle treatments contain these oils:

  • borage seed oil
  • evening primrose oil
  • black currant seed oil
  • flax seed oils
  • natural vitamin E
  • hyaluronic acid
  • raspberry seed oil

Some people who are gluten sensitive may have to check certain products as supplements to reverse aging skin can sometimes contain gluten.

A deep wrinkle treatment that is ongoing and healthy for other body parts as well as your skin, would be a daily supplement with a combination of some or all the oils above. If you use healthy oils in your diet, and have the time to ensure that you ingest them regularly, you are ahead of the game. Oils can be mixed into your salad dressings and sauces with your favorite flavorings.

Be sure to purchase cold-pressed unrefined oils however. Typically super market vegetable oils will be bleached, washed with detergents and contain solvents like Hexane. There are several health-oriented brands in health food stores that are not refined like this to choose from.

If you are concerned about the amount of fats you consume, then a supplement is an easy way to go to help reverse aging skin. You can be comfortable in knowing the exact amount you take in every day. Keep things simple.

There are many skin creams in health food stores that contain high quality products, such as some of the oils listed above. Yet, to be shelved and used over a few weeks or months, they too must contain some chemical preservatives. Why not just eat the nutrition that is going to reverse aging skin?

Antioxidants can cancel out the effects of UV rays on the skin. Preserve your deep layers of your skin's beauty. Here are some other advantages of ingesting the best anti ageing skin treatments:

  • borage and primrose oil are used to reverse or sooth endometriosis
  • black currant oil is recommended for the same as well as painful cramps
  • these oils activate your body's antioxidant activity protecting all your body cells
  • healthy unrefined oils take the load off your liver's fat processing filters

Perhaps I didn't describe that in a very clinical manner. I am not a chemist, but I've searched for the healthy ways to avoid toxic skin care. Also, don't forget, for increased circulation and cellular waste removal, exercise is important as one of the most important skin aging treatments.

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