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Trans Fat Vs Saturated Fat
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Trans Fat Vs Saturated Fat

As I sat down to write this article all I really wanted to know was whether trans fats or saturated fats were good or bad for me. As I tried to research the health benefits between trans and saturated fats I became more and more confused and overwhelmed by the amount of information that I found. It seems trans fat vs. saturated fat is a new battle ground in the health industry.

One authority says that saturated fats cause many health problems including high cholesterol. Another expert says that it is fat that our bodies need, so we need to enjoy it in moderation. Our bodies do need a certain amount of fat for our cells to function properly.

Saturated fats are thought to contribute to raising our cholesterol levels and therefore contribute to artery and heart diseases. Clogged arteries are blamed on eating to much fat and so on. Then I find another source that explains the new thinking. Cholesterol is needed by the body because if a blood vessel gets a tear in it the cholesterol is sent to cover the rupture until it cures itself. How about that! Sounds like a plan to me.

Now it was my understanding that saturated fats raise bad cholesterol and cause buildups of fatty deposits in the arteries. But, now it seems that saturated fats raise cholesterol HDL and LDL) without causing plaque to form in the arteries. Stress and an under-active thyroid are now thought to cause fatty deposit buildups in the blood vessels. Diets high in polyunsaturated oils also contribute to build-up of plaque in the arteries.

As you can see it is very confusing. I've gone through the "Coffee is bad for you" to the "Coffee Is Great For Your Health", "eggs are bad", "no they're good". Things are always changing and I'm not convinced that anyone knows for sure what is good or bad. I am drawing my own conclusion here that whatever I enjoy eating is what I'm going to eat. In moderation, of course!

Saturated Fats are semi solid at room temperature. They basically found in animal food items. Meat, poultry skin, poultry, eggs as well as dairy products such as butter, cheese, and whole milk. Coconut oil and palm oil are also sources of saturated fats that have health benefits.

Our bodies need a certain amount of saturated fats to be healthy. Saturated fats are utilized by our cell membranes and give them structural strength. Lipoprotein is lowered by these fat cells and that contributes to lessening the chance of heart disease. (Excess vegetable oil consumption increases Lipoprotein.)

The confusion rages on, but the experts do seem to agree that TFA's (trans fatty acids) need to be avoided as much as possible. These fats are thought to cause many degenerative conditions. Processed foods of all types and bakery goods, as well as fried foods are full of these little rascals.

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