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Treating Adhd With Diet – A Few Simple Changes For A Quieter Life
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Treating Adhd With Diet – A Few Simple Changes For A Quieter Life

Lots of people will try to tell you that treating ADHD with diet is perfectly feasible and easy as falling off a log! This is an exaggeration as there is really no ADHD diet as such because each child is different. There are food allergies and intolerances to take into account, first of all. Then there is that fact that certain foods may not suit your child at all.

In fact the Feingold Diet was a limited success for this reason. It was also very fiddly to apply simply because there were so many artificial colors, preservatives and salicylates to look out for. It meant a lot of careful observation and very difficult shopping trips to find the right foods which would fit the plan. Basically it was an elimination diet and there are plenty of those around now for ADHD. We just have to think of the casein free, gluten free, and all the others which have crowded unto the stage in the last ten years or so.

There are countless examples where an improved diet has had really noticeable results. I know that the Appleton Alternative High School in Wisconsin introduced whole grains, vegetables, fruit and water on the school lunch menu. They found that behavior problems and truancy all fell sharply.

I know parents who have made simple changes to their kids’ diets and they have found that this can really work and that behavior improves all round. Also the kids are more focused and calmer. Again, fruit, vegetables, carbohydrates and protein were the easy options that worked.

Another parent eliminated soy, sugar, colourings and dairy. He found that his daughter calmed down considerably and had fewer outbursts which was a great relief all round. His son was able to concentrate much better and could stay on task for longer when doing things like homework.

Now these are simple changes and are not going to upset the family routine that much. Most parents who are becoming quite savvy about the idea of treating ADHD with diet, know that they should give their kids a good deal of protein at breakfast. Kids are liable to stay on task and pay more attention at school. It also prevents those awful sugar highs and subsequent crashes which can ruin many a school kid’s day.

As we can see, avoiding the colourings, additives and highly processed foods can give real results. The famous specialist Dr.Edward Hallowell has recommended that we should aim for half a plate of fruit and vegetables, a quarter with protein and the last quarter with carbohydrates. Now what could be simpler than that?

When we consider that there are several studies out there which show that the artificial colourings and excess sugar are linked to hyperactivity and restlessness in children, we would do well not to go overboard with these. In fact we should be severely limiting them although it might be difficult to eliminate them altogether.

As we have seen treating ADHD with diet is easy but it is not the whole story. There are strong recommendations from paediatricians and other medical authorities which advocate a much more comprehensive approach.

Street Talk

Hi Robert, Great article! You said, " . . . there is really no ADHD diet as such because each child is different." So true. But also true, there is really no ADHD! It is a totally fraudulent diagnosis with no test and no proof it exists. Chemical brain imbalance is the usual lie parents are given. (Have you ever met even one child whose brain chemistry was tested? I haven't.) Our children are being labeled and drugged to the tune of over 20 million today on mind-altering psychotropics. Love your solution of changing the diet and totally agree with you on that!

  about 1 decade ago
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