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Trying To Be Skinny And A Ballet Diet
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There is so much frustration with weight loss when you're trying to be skinny. And so many factors involved. Your genetics, your age, your exercise, your hormones, your appetite, your food cravings, your emotional eating, and your likes and dislikes. Or is that your food addictions and habits. Sometimes we don't know!

Do you LIKE that boxed breakfast cereal or is your brain used to the sugar rush? Believe it or not, almost the same reaction occurs in your brain when you inhale cigarette smoke, that happens when you have a few spoonfuls of boxed cereal - whole grain or not. Because the starchy grains burn as SUGAR.

Do you feel good when you exercise, or afterwards? Part of the reason exercise makes you feel good is that your brain generates endorphins, chemicals that enhance your moods. So, your own brain rewards you for doing something that is good for you.

However, endorphins can also be generated by chemicals, drugs, that can sit in the receptor sites for certain brain hormones, or chemical messengers. Such as SUGAR. Or tobacco, or artificial sweeteners, or alcohol (a sugar). Or recreational drugs too.

Caffeine is another drug that jump-starts your brain chemicals and your metabolism. It is fashionable, multi-flavored (coffees, lattes, espressos, energy drinks) and in its organic unprocessed form, a little healthy!

(Yet a ballet dancer trying to be skinny may opt for a healthy “better than coffee” replacement every morning). But if you are on this list:  

  • ballet dancer
  • in adult ballet class
  • in contemporary dance classes
  • a hip hop dancer
  • a cheer leader
  • a new mom
  • women in middle of life
  • teen
  • preteen gaining weight
  • depressed teenager
  • depressed

Maybe you have already tried dieting, and are trying to be skinny, or a little skinnier, and you cannot stay on a ballet diet for some reason...

I think I can help. What is a diet essentially. A diet is “not eating what you want, but eating what you should, in order to consume less calories than you burn off, while trying to be healthy”.

What if you could change your brain and change what you want to eat? Well, then you wouldn't be dieting. This is not a trick – but IT IS. Any kind of change you ever make in life, you make from your brain. Any decision you make about a change you need to make is made with your conscious mind power.

You need a method, a plan, a way of changing what your brain thinks you want to eat. This is not deprivation or dieting. This is changing your brain. And for teens weight loss, the earlier in your life you learn, the happier you will be. It is not dependent on age.

(So if you are in the middle of life, you can enjoy the benefits of your conscious mind power too!)

Try a dozen life lessons on a CD to help you with trying to be skinny, and putting together a wonderful ballet diet (or cheer leading or hip hop or new mom) diet.  

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