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Vegan Diet Weight Loss - Does A Vegan Weight Loss Diet Work?
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Vegan Diet Weight Loss - Does A Vegan Weight Loss Diet Work?

Will I Starve On A Vegan Diet Weight Loss Plan?

The short answer is no, you won't starve. But there's more to it than that. Part of the American food culture is the idea of rich, heavy taste and very filling portions. Part of a vegan diet weight loss plan is to use more whole foods which won't leave you feeling as full. I know from personal experience. Here's my short story:

In January of 2011 several of my coworkers decided to lose ten pounds as a competition. They were going to do it in a healthy way, eating regular meals and enjoying life. It would prove to be a long contest. Since I had just become vegan, I thought I would participate with them just for fun. Week after week we had Monday Weigh In's on the big pallet scale to see how everyone was doing. When week six rolled around, I hadn't weighed in for a while with them so I wasn't really prepared for what happened next.

As I stepped on the scale, and watched the digital number bounce around, I realized that not only had I lost weight I had lost a LOT of weight. In six easy weeks I had lost 14 pounds!

Don't Forget that Eating is Part of A Vegan Weight Loss Diet

My coworkers were astonished, and so was I. The reason for our collective surprise was simple: I had been eating like a horse for the past 2 months!

Now don't lose sight of the goal, keeping in mind that a vegan diet is not only healthy but low in fat. Here are three easy steps to how I made it to the winners circle of the competition:

  1. Eating on a schedule. Plan meal times and stick to them. Don't snack, ever. Not on one single calorie. It sounds tough, but when you are eating proper meals you won't feel at all hungry.
  2. Eat smart, getting all the necessary nutrition each day. It seems obvious, but our processed American diet is severely lacking in nutrition. This is part of why we all feel hungry much of the time, even though we usually over eat. There are some great vegan books and DVDs to help you find answers to your questions about what to eat. It's not hard, but everyone has questions.
  3. Eat whole foods. Here is probably the most difficult thing for people to wrap their minds around. In short, the entirety of a plant is much better than the sum of it's parts. I don't mean eat the orange, the leaves, branch, trunk and roots. What I mean is, vitamin C pills are much less effective than eating a fresh orange. The other nutrients in the plant work in concert with the vitamin C giving you balanced and complete nutrition.

There is simply too much to say about how to achieve vegan diet weight loss results in one short article. But it does work, and you won't be hungry. I know from my own surprising experience. Not only that, it is a gradual process that won't shock your body with a massive loss and then a massive gain back to where you started. This is just on of many great reasons to be a vegan. And in case you are wondering, you won't starve.

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