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Vegetable Juice Extractors
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Why Extract Our Juice?

Let’s face it we live in a fast pace world and sometimes we just don’t have the time sit down and eat our veggies or maybe we get tired of eating them in the raw or steamed. It takes about the same time to cook or eat raw vegetables as it is for juicing. You got to clean up no matter what you do. In juicing you can mix all types of veggies together with different colors and you can add herbs, fruits, nuts. I pretty much have done it all. And the best part of all of this is your getting what your body needs for life.

Vegetables Juice Extractors

There are different ways toextract vegetable and fruit juices, there are electrical which use centrifugal force which the effects that occur in connection with rotation and outward forces that occur which extracts the juice. The downside is that electrical power causes heat which in turn may damage some of the nutrients. I myself haven’t notice much of the effects I drink it as quickly as I make it. It is a bit nosier than a masticating machine but gets the job done quicker. Also one other problem here is that the electrical extractor also extracts the fiber from the juice which is important to your tummy.

Masticating Extractor [mas-ti-keyt]

One other extractor is the masticating juicer which basically grinds or crushes the fruit or veggies to a pulp and that means that every bit of the plant is used which go’s through a screen. A masticating machine has a slower process in juicing but it also creates less heat in the process this can ruin the nutrients and it also extracts more juice from your products. It is a bit slower but less ware and tear which means it will last longer and also it can extract smaller items like wheat grass which the electrical will not do it properly.

Pricing Vegetables Extractors

Pricing vegetables extractors is very easy now a day, you can use the internet which my give you more information than what you get at the major stores. You can acquire the knowledge and than go shop the store and hope you find what you’re after or just order off the internet.

Vegetable juice extractors are now inexpensive, but remember you get what you pay for and that was me at first trial run. I ended up having to cut up my vegetable to size to get them into the chute to be grounded down to juice. I counted that as wasted time. I didn’t stop to think that I could have dropped a large apple or a pear all at once. Size does make a difference if you’re in a hurry. And of course the price go’s with it. But I guess we are all in tune with the faster the better. One other thing you might watch for is the rpm and the wattage of the machine the more powerful the machine is the faster things happen. I have seen electric juicer starting at $29.00 to $200.00 and it depends on the options, options.

If you’re in hurry you might not want the masticating juicer it is slower but more beneficial for you because you’re going to get the very best benefits from all the juice you’re extracting. They are a bit pricy but so is junk food if you keeping track of all that you spend on it. The price range can be around $200 to $500, again do your shopping, you may find them on eBay but again be careful. The masticating extractor will last you a very long time so investing in a new one might be more worth while for everyone. Masticating extractor is found in the specialty stores or department’s stores and again on the internet.

Whats important here is to start you're juice and vegetables extracting for good health and life.

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