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Vitamin D
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Let's talk about Vitamin D. This vitamin is very important for strong bones and teeth. If you take Calcium, and Vitamin D is not taken with it, the Calcium is not going to be absorbed by the body and it will be useless. When you buy Calcium make sure Vitamin D is included in it. Also, remember that Carbon is not good for your body, such as Calcium Carbonate. When purchasing Calcium make sure that it is Calcium Citrate, this is good for your body.

Vitamin D is much like Vitamin A that I spoke about in my earlier article. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin and it is stored in the body. The body will not just excrete it like it does for too much vitamin C. It can be very toxic. You don't have to take much Vitamin D to have sufficient levels. You can become toxic at really low levels of this vitamin. If your body get too much Vitamin D you could see calcium deposits in the heart, kidneys and vessels. Too much Vitamin D can cause high blood pressure, a high cholesterol level, brittle bones, headache, fatigue, and loss of appetite.

A deficiency in Vitamin D can cause skeletal disorders, deformities and teeth deformities in children. In adults it can cause Osteoporosis or brittle bones.

*A good source of Vitamin D is found in liver, egg yolks, fortified milk and other dairy products, fish oils, and cold water fish, such as tuna. Another good source of Vitamin D is the sun. According to The Cornell Encyclopedia of Health it only take 10-15 minutes two-three times a day for the body to absorb an adequate amount of this vitamin from the sun. The elderly population are less able to synthesize vitamin D and may need 30 minutes in the sun. If a person has been diagnosis with skin cancer they probably would not want to do this. CONSULT with your doctor as he is your best source*.

Consult with your doctor about any concerns you may have reguarding adequate Vitamin D intake. He is you absolute best source.

Rickets: This disease is a severe lack of Vitamin D in the body. This is rarely seen in the United States, but is mainly seen in the Third World countries. There are several types of Rickets but the one that is of interest to us now is nutritional Rickets. This comes from a diet deficient in vitamin D. Incidences of Ricks will increase in children who are on strict vegetarian diets and babies who are breast- fed long after birth and have had no supplementation. Rickets is unlikely if parents are taking their babies to their regular wellness visits and they are working with their doctors in regards to diet requirements for their children.

*Symptoms of Rickets: enlarged ends of the joints, bowed legs or knock-knees and curved spines. Babies will be restless and have soft skulls or soft spots that are slow to close.*

*Treatment: Vitamin D therapy* (only under the direction of their doctor), can show improvement of symptoms.

I hope I have enlightened you a little on our need for Vitamin D. I cannot stress enough the importance of consulting with your doctor before starting any vitamin and or diet therapy. And, I am beginning to sound like a broken record, but if we follow a good diet plan from the basic food groups on a daily basis we should not have a problem with not enough or too much of any vitamin. If you are on a doctor recommended diet due to health issues such as diabetes or high cholestrol then work with your doctor. Many times with diet and exercise under your doctor's care many disease processes can be reversed.

Here's to your health and wellness,

Reference: *The Cornell Encyclopedia of Health*

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