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Vitamins, What Are They Good For? #11
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This is my 11th. article on vitamins, what are they good for? Actually I have covered vitamins, minerals and disease processes. Over the last 20 years I have indexed common information about the use of vitamins for various health concerns. Some of this article will be a quick review of things already covered. I am about done with my index so bear with me as I continue on. Oh yes, this reminds me. Have you spoken with your doctor lately? Remember that this is an informational article about health, wellness and exercise. Before you start any life changes do all the reading and research that you can then go and have a talk with your doctor. Show him you know what you are talking about. Always be ready to challenge him with your findings.

Did you know that Vitamin B5 relieves stress? And, Zinc in helpful to the reproductive organs? or Vitamin E helps to decrease reproductive disorders? Did you know that Phosphorus , calcium and vitamin D should be taken if one has Rickets? did you know that sucrose ie can sugar is the same as our table sugar? There are so many small tidbits of information that can be necessary to some of us.

Vitamins that are stored by the body are vitamins A, D, E, and K they are the fat soluble vitamins. They are the vitamins that can become toxic and cause some problems.

Vitamin C is taken in the case of Scurvy. For healthy skin, sulphur and Biotin is taken Dry skin and wrinkles respond to vitamin B5. If you have skin scars the Vitamins E or A will help greatly to diminish them. People have used Vitamin A on skin cancer sites.

A little about Selenium. This works with Vitamin E and men need more of this then women. It's functions is to slow down the aging process. It prevents dandruff. It protects against certain cancers and will help to decrease hot flashes. A deficiency in selenium will case premature aging. Some natural sources include wheat germ, bran, tuna, onions, tomatoes, and broccoli. A good supplement would be a multi-vitamin and mineral combination.

Silicon, silver, aluminum, boron, bromine, chromium, molybdenum, nickel, and vanadium are all trace minerals which function is necessary for general proper body function. We do not need to supplement this substance.

If you have sinus problems then Cod Liver Oil capsules have been known to decrease symptoms. According to prevention you can take this 3 times a day for several weeks. Vitamin A is also good.

Sulphur promotes healthy hair, skin and nails. it helps to support proper brain function and liver and bile secretion. It helps to fight bacterial infections. Natural sources would be beef, eggs, dried beans, fish, and cabbage.

Beta Carotene and Zinc are effective for tongue lesions or geographic tongue

Sodium just like so many other things can be good for us or bad for us depending on how much we use. Sodium works with potassium. too much sodium depletes potassium in the body and caused high blood pressure. The function of sodium is to prevent heat prostration or sunstroke. It helps the nerves and muscle function properly and regulates body water balance. A deficiency in sodium may cause impaired carbohydrate digestion and possible neuralgia. You can get natural sources of sodium in beets, sat, shellfish, carrots, artichokes, dried beet, bacon, brains and kidneys. There is no need for a supplement of sodium. We can actually have an overabundance of sodium in everyday foods.

When you dine in a restaurant you should always ask if they use sulfides. Sulfides can bring on an asthma attack so asthmatics should stay away from these. Many restaurants will dip fruits and vegetables in sulfides to give a longer life to food. Lettuce and corn can be kept up to one year if dipped and redipped !

Vitamins and minerals work best when taken with food or at meal time.

Timed Release Capsules are water-soluble and are not stored in the body They will stay in the body or 2-3 hours before they are eliminated in the urine. . Without timed release, they are quickly absorbed into the blood stream and excreted in the urine. Timed release assure up to 24 hours for absorption

Very little is know about Vitamin U. They do say that it helps to heal ulcers and raw cabbage is a good natural source.

Warts respond to Vitamin E. An old remedy is a slice of garlic place on the wart and a bandaide over the garlic for 24 hours. Bioflavonids of 1000-2000 mg per day is also good.

Wilson's Disease is a lethal disorder caused by an abnormal build up of copper in the liver, brain cornea and other organs. Zinc seems to throw off excess copper. The only side effect of zinc is occasional stomach irritation.

Our last tid-bit is Zinc that is essential for protein synthesis. Perspiration causes loss of Zinc. It's function is formation of body insulin. and it helps the body to support a correct acid-alkaline balance. Zinc is good for the reproductive organs. It accelerated the healing process. It helps to avoid prostrate problems, It decreased cholesterol deposits. A deficiency may cause enlarged prostate and arteriosclerosis.

With this article I have completed my index of information. I hope that the information was helpful.

Here's to your continued health and wellness.

PS. Visit with your doctor soon about any life style changes such as diet, supplements and exercise. He is your best source of information.

*Reference Prevention and The Cornell Encyclopedia of Health*

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