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Vitamins, What Are They Good For? #5
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Article #5 in what are vitamins good for? Indexing I will continue through what information I have on Vitamins D, and E . Vitamin D is otherwise called the sunshine vitamin, because the ultraviolet sun rays form Vitamin D in the cells of the skin. If taken orally it is a fat soluble vitamin. People who live in heavily populated cites where there is a lot of smog has a reduced formation of Vitamin D on the skin.

The function of Vitamin D is to use calcium and phosphorous. It helps to prevent colds and helps in the assimilating of Vitamin A. I think in one of my recent articles I mentioned that each vitamin has to have help with another to work properly. A deficiency of Vitamin D may help to cause tooth decay. Children who do not get enough Vitamin D may have some deformity of their bones and if severely deficient will end up with Rickets.

When shopping for foods laden with Vitamin D, buy fish live oils, sardines, herring, salon, tuna whole milk and any dairy products.

Do you have a dandruff problem. Maybe you have a shortage of selenium.

People who have been diagnosed with depression generally have a Vitamin B1 and B6 deficiency. Their magnesium and Biotin may also be deficient. Birth Control pills used to cause a Vitamin B6 deficiency.

If your skin is dry and scaly sometimes it is due to a deficiency in Biotin. manganese and chlorine helps to assure good digestion.

Vitamin E should not be taken with inorganic iron. This vitamin helps to use Vitamin A. Vitamin E helps conserve oxygen for better circulation. It helps to soften scars. If a person has a problem with acne then Vitamin E may help. It helps with skin inflammations. It helps to heal psoriasis. And, is good for leg cramps. it is good for the eyes and Prevention stated that 200-400 units of Vitamin E and 50 mg of Zinc has been successful.

Vitamin E is one of the fat soluble vitamins. It consists of

complex of tocopherols such as alpha, beta, gama and delta and etc. Vitamin is destroyed by air and heat. When foods are refined they lose their Vitamin E content. Mineral oil will also destroy Vitamin E.

The function of Vitamin E is to aid fertility and normal reproduction. It helps to prevent heart and blood diseases. It keeps fats from becoming rancid when expose to the air. If one experiences a deficiency in Vitamin E they may have muscle degeneration and destruction of the red blood cells thus symptoms of anemia. When shopping for good sources of Vitamin E you will want to buy wheat-germ oil, cold pressed vegetable oils and whole grains. Vitamin E is available in liquid base of cold-pressed wheat germ oil. This is non-toxic.

Eczema responds well to Vitamin F. Carbonated beverages, coffee, tea alcohol and sugar will destroy Vitamin F. A good source of Vitamin F is Primrose Oil 2-3 tablets per day.

If one is bothered by edema, swelling in the extremities the potassium and copper are good for this.

If you lack energy then you may be low in Iodine and copper.

Some people develop small granules on their eye lids. These look like tiny calcium deposits. Vitamin A is a good vitamin to help decrease this.

I read in Prevention that if a person is scheduled to have eye surgery then they should take Vitamin C 2000 mg, Zinc 50 mg and Vitamin E 200 units every day for about a week.

I think that most of us have heard of Evening Primrose. But, what is this for? Evening Primrose is a precursor of Vitamin E or Prostaglandins. It helps to break down fat and is also a vasodilator and helps improve circulation. Prostaglandins are hormone-like in nature and are produced in the body.

I hope that this information is helpful. Remember to read and become educated and before starting any vitamin, diet or exercise program consult your doctor first. If you do not you do so at your own risk.

Here's to your improved health and fitness.

Please meet me in Article #6

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