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Vitamins, What Are They Good For? #6
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Pushing forward to article #6 in exploration of just what vitamins are good for. Again my sources of information have been The Cornell Encyclopedia of Health and Prevention plus personal knowledge that I have learned over the years from various doctors I have worked with.

We have gotten through the E's and will now go through the F and G's. Vitamin F is given its name to essential fatty acids. Vitamin F is an unsaturated fatty acid mainly found in liquid oils. They help to burn saturated fats or solid fats. They give some protection against harmful X-Rays. THey help in weight reduction.

If you are deficient in Vitamin F you may have a problem with Eczema and Acne. Natural sources of Vitamin F include, pecans, sunflower seeds, unsaturated fats, vegetable oils. It is not necessary to supplement our diets with a Vitamin F as what very small amount we need we can get through our food sources.

To Eliminate fatugue.try manganese, 5 mg every day for 1 month, Magnesium 500 mg every day and some potassium. Consult your doctor first as to the best route.

Fats need to be metabolized to be useful and Biotin does this. Fats and starches need to be metabolized and need some Phosphorus.

You hear ads on TV all the time for Fiber and how good it is for you, such as Metamucil, or Benefiber. Without fiber vitamins you won't stay healthy for long. Many of our food items contain fiber. However, if you do not feel that you are getting enough fiber then check Metamucil or Benefiber out.

Florine is a toxic poison in its synthetic form. But, natural florine is beneficial to your health. It's function is to strengthen bones and teeth. If you become deficient then tooth decay may set in. Natural sources of Florine is seafood, gelatin, whole wheat, garlic, beets, lettuce, cabbage, radishes, and egg whites.

Fructose is sugar from corn or is naturally found in fresh fruits. Read you labels on canned goods because many contain high fructose corn syrup and this is not especially a good thing.

Vitamin G is also known as Riboflavin or Vitamin B2. It has a variety of uses. It is essential in energy metabolism, fats, ketones, fats proteins and carbohydrates. The best sources of Vitamin G is milk, cheese, leafy green vegetables, liver, kidneys, legumes, tomatoes, yeast mushrooms and almonds. Light will destroy Vitamin G.

Gallstones and kidney stones can be prevented by sufficient amounts of magnesium.

If a person is bothered by a Goiter then Iodine would be helpful in decreasing symptoms.

Golden Seal is a very old natural antibiotic. Golden seal root powder will help to heal scratches and minor cuts.

If a person consumes too much beer on a regular basis it is not uncommon to develop Gout. Beer more so than wine or spirits has a high purine content. The body converts purine into uric acid.

(Have you seen the TV commercials about the man carrying around this huge bottle of green liquid, saying that he suffers from high uric acid, and then they advertise a medication to decrease this?)

This is what too much beer on a regular basis tends to do. Ordinarily the kidneys filter out uric acid and excrete it as urine. But if the kidneys are overloaded, uric acid crystals may settle int he joints, and cause swelling and pain.

I am going to stop at this point and continue into Article #7, see you there.

Here's to your health and wellness

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