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Vitamins, What Are They Good For? #8
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In article #8, I am going to give you what information I have in the index of I. I need to remind everyone that you need to take responsibility for your own health and wellbeing, because no one else is going to do this, not your family, friends and yes including your doctor. I learned a long time ago that I had to become more educated through reading and study of my specific health concerns. I would then go to my doctor and discuss issues with him and the healing route that I wanted to take. Many times I was teaching the doctor.

In 1967 when I became a nurse, doctors were considered right up there with God. You never ever questioned the doctor, you always did what he said regardless if you felt it was wrong or not. AND, when a nurse was working and a doctor came on duty you stood up and gave him your chair.

My goodness times have certainly changed. We started to question the doctor and would speak to him about alternative therapies or if he gave us an order for a patient and it did not sound right we started to question his reasoning. Doctors are human and sometimes they can make unintentional mistakes. AND, we quit giving up our chair, (only if we wanted to, not because we had to).

Through the years I began to realize that a doctor is Not God. He puts his pants on just like we do, (I think). And he is human, subject to error also. This is why I emphasize reading and education on our parts about our own health. I still believe strongly in using the doctor as a guidance, we have to, he has studied many years to get where he is at. Even so doctors are still learning and they can also learn from us through our education. They cannot know everything either.

However, if you find something that you think may help a disease process you have or you are bothered by something such as...brittle nails. Research brittle nails and why and how nails may become brittle to start with. Get all your information and research done then consult with your doctor on what you have found and the ideas that you want to try to keep your nails healthy. If you want to try an alternative therapy speak to your doctor and get his insight and direction. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy, don't take the risk of self-treatment without your doctors ability.

Iron, is necessary for absorption of the B vitamins.

The immune system is what keeps us healthy. The higher the immune system is the less likely we are going to get sick. If we get injured and our immune system is high then we will heal quicker. When our immune system is low and we think we need to give it a boost than Vitamin C 1000-2000 mg with Bioflavenoids plus zinc 50-100 mg and Vitamin D daily should help.

If you have an injury such as a cut or scrape cleansing with peroxide, (going to burn a little so you can also try a saline wound wash), drying, and apply Vitamin E oil twice a day will speed healing.

*If you have indigestion Prevention suggests 2-4 whey tablets per day plus 2 acidophilus capsules daily. However, constant indigestion can be more serious than eating something that did not agree with you, so consult with your doctor.*

*vitamin C is good for inflammations.*

*Infections respond well to Vitamin P, C and A. Speak with your doctor first.*

*Do you have restless nights or insomnia? Calcium and phosphorus helps.*

Zinc is responsible for the formation of body insulin

2/3 of the body's iodine is in the thyroid. The function of Iodine is that it helps to burn off excess fat and promotes growth. It gives us energy and improves our mental alertness. Iodine helps to keep our nails, hair, skin and teeth healthy. If we have an Iodine deficiency our mental status becomes sluggish. We will lack energy, have weight gain and may develop a goiter and hypothyroidism. Natural sources of Iodine is kelp, onions, sea food, vegetables grown in iodine rich soil, and a multivitamin/mineral combination. Copper and calcium helps the body to absorb iron. Iron deficiency causes poor attention span in children.

Ferritine is a protein that stores iron. The best way to find out what your iron level is, is through a serum ferritine test. Women need more Iron then men. Let it be known that you coffee and tea drinkers are inhibiting iron absorption. The function of iron is required for production of hemoglobin, or red blood corpuscles, myoglobin or red pigment in muscles and certain enzymes necessary for absorption of the B vitamins. Iron helps to prevent fatigue. A deficiency in Iron may cause anemia. Natural sources of Iron is pork and beef liver, beef, kidney, heart, red meat, egg yolks, oysters, nuts, beans, asparagus, beets, oatmeal, raisins, molasses, apricots, and parsley. Iron supplements come in liquid or tablet. Copper, cobalt, manganese and Vitamin C are necessary for assimilation of iron. Avoid Ferrous sulfate iron as it destroys Vitamin E. An old-time suggestion by Prevention is Amino Acid Chelate.

Manganese is good to help reduce irritability.

Keep fit and healthy through reading and education. See you in Article #9

Referenced *Prevention*

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