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What Can I Eat ? - Amazing Food Choice You Can Make
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If you go to your local store where you usually buy your monthly groceries, you always have the choice of buying junk or healthy food. Now my wife sometimes ask the same question “now what can I eat tonight or what can I eat this afternoon”. You see were I am going, now it is up to you to keep her in order and show her the kind of food choices she can make to keep her and her figure happy.

What we all do in a situation when in a hurry and need something to eat fast is, we buy a pie or a pizza am I correct. Especially for men who are on the move all the time, at your lunch break after asking yourself what can I eat you see a store selling pies. Now that is fast food if I might say. Pies gives heart burn and goes and sit in your belly.

Rather find a store that sells health food you can buy on the go and check first on the package the nutrition value before buying. Get something like a grilled chicken sandwich without the chips and rather a salad. I know it is difficult but at least try.

There are also stores that sells raw food that are fast and ready made to go. These stores sells fast food like Raw sushi with sun dried nori with parsnip rice and vegetables. Treat your wife with this take way foods rather than chicken and chips dipped in oil next time when she asks you what can I eat.

There are allot of take away food stores that sells raw food but just make sure you pick food that are healthy as well. Is their any benefits in eating raw food if your standing in front of a raw food take away shop and say what can I eat………yes there are benefits like cholesterol levels will reduce and believe me it slows down aging, we all want that right. For the diabetes people it regulates your sugar levels. Here is one for the ladies…….. it helps with weight loss.

Treat your lady with raw food if she asks you again what can I eat, and show her these strong points.... and if you want to go the extra mile buy her a book that contains recipes, their are so many available these days. She would love you more for a book.

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