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What Is Healthy Food, Or What Foods Are Healthy?
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What is Healthy Food, Or What Foods Are Healthy?

Ya, Franz here again! Ya, zis is my favorite subject! Ya, in order to decrease the flabitude you have to get rid of ze junk food! Ya, here me know, listen to me later, but believe me sometime, put down ze donut! But Franz you ask, “what is healthy food?” What should I be eating to avoid tank a$$?

Okay, let me switch over to the unbroken English and get into this very important subject! I can’t stress this one enough. My mom used to always tell me when I was a kid, “You are what you eat.” I thought that meant I was going to turn into a cookie. Now, of course I am all grown up and realize that everything that I eat either has a good, or bad, effect on my body. If I drink alcohol, I over load my liver, and then the poor thing is unable to metabolize things like it’s supposed to. If I eat over-processed fatty foods I risk clogging my arteries, and over time increase the risk of heart disease. If I consume a mostly processed carbohydrate diet than I will wind up with type-2 diabetes! So what is healthy food? What can I eat that tastes good?

Now Franz knows that every ones idea of what is healthy food is different. My father-in-law, another good German, his idea of a good meal was to fry pizza in bacon grease! He thought eating healthy was to open a can of green beans. Now that’s better than a bag of cookies, but I just gave up on him. “No, I can’t eat that way!” That’s what he used to tell Hilga and I. Back to Mom’s old adage, “You are what you eat.” My father-in-law, because of his diet, has many health issues. His biggest battle is with clogged arteries. Well, look at his past eating habits and you can see why!

Okay, simple rule you can follow: if your “healthy food” comes in a box, a bag, or a bottle, then you may not be on the right track. Those kinds of foods are loaded in sodium, preservatives, and other unknown additives to give them a long shelf life. Hey, a Twinkie has a shelf life that will take it into the next millennium! There is no doubt that these foods make people over weight. Just go into Wal-Mart and look who’s shopping in the food isles, and what they are buying. So, what is healthy food according to Franz?

Franz say, eat fresh vegetables, fruit, meats and fish, and snack on nuts and seeds, and eat sprouted grains. Ya, zis is good tasty stuff! And, buy organic whenever you can to avoid the harmful pesticides and hormones that wind up in your food.

Here’s five ways to a healthier you: add more high fiber foods to your diet, load up on the veggies and fruits, really cut back on the salt and sugar intake, choose foods low in bad fat and cholesterol, and stay active! Now Franz knows this is not rocket science, but do you do these things? If not, you can start today. Adding more fiber to your diet keeps things moving and makes you feel fuller, and you eat less overall. Eating five servings of the veggies and fruits gives your body the nutrients it needs. Go after the fresh, dark leafy greens, and eat a big variety of colors. If you don’t buy processed foods, you will quickly be cutting out the sugar and harmful sodium. The only good fats that Franz uses in his diet are organic olive and coconut oil, and organic butter (a healthy fat loaded in lauric acid). And if you stay active 30 – 60 minutes a day, which keeps your heart pumping and body moving, that will help promote a healthy weight, build muscles, and improve your mood and sleeping time.

There you have it! Franz’s quick answer to what is healthy food? This is a big and important topic. Novels have been written on the subject. I hope I have condensed this enough, into this small article, to get the point across. I hope when you go to the grocery store next you think about what Franz said: “put down ze donuts!”

As always, I wish you vibrant health, many blessings, and a long life!

Ya, zis is Franz signing off!

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