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What Is The Diabetic Diet And Why Isn’t It Working?
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What is the Diabetic Diet And Why Isn’t It Working?

What is the diabetic diet?

Why has diabetes reached epidemic conditions in the US and most of the world?

Are diabetes and obesity linked?

Have you heard the term diabesity?

The diabetic diet or low sugar diet or whatever name you want to put on it are the diets recognized by “experts” as being helpful in controlling the conditions of the diabetic or pre diabetic person. A problem, however, is that the experts are often wrong. And both diabetes and obesity are on the rise. Hmmm. Is there a correlation? We’ll get back to this.

Diabetes 101

But first, a short, high level explanation of diabetes. There are three main types, I, II and III but researchers are beginning to break this down even further into subgroups.

  • But for our discussion Type I, sometimes called juvenile diabetes is caused by a failure of the pancreas to produce enough insulin on its own.
  • Type II diabetes, sometimes called adult onset diabetes is an insulin resistance problem. The pancreas is secreting insulin but the body is unable to use it effectively.
  • And the third form is gestational diabetes which sometimes occurs in women during pregnancy.

Type I diabetics have to supply their own insulin through either a pump or injections. While their condition may be improved with a low sugar diet, they will still need to supplement insulin.

The Type II diabetes problem is where the epidemic is and it is entirely controllable by diet. Let me say that again. Type II diabetes occurs because of what you are eating. The explosion of Type II diabetes in the world is directly related to lifestyle choices; bad food choices mainly and low activity levels.

So what is the diabetic diet? The diabetic diet is the combination of food choices that will prevent and maybe even reverse diabetes in an otherwise healthy person. So what’s the problem? Why is this so difficult? Why are so many people blindly, it seems, plodding down the road to diabesity? It seems a horrible fate. If we know what to do, why aren't we doing it?

Well there are at least two problems here and probably three.

First and foremost, the food supply has morphed since about the mid 1970’s into a business focused on highly processed, cheap and convenient foods. And they convinced us, the consumer, that this is good for us and what we both want and need. And we either believed them or didn't think about it at the time. Now food in boxes and bags is ubiquitous.

Where is the real food? You know, the stuff that actually looks like something from nature.

The second problem is that the “experts” either don’t know what they’re talking about or don’t want you to know the truth. Either way, it’s not good for you.

The experts that don’t always know what they are talking about, like some doctors, nutritionists and government bureaucrats can’t be totally faulted. When they are asked, “What is the diabetic diet?”, they truly believe they are giving the correct answer because it is what they learned in school or in practice. It’s written in a book somewhere and so it must be the truth.

But there is a lot of bad science in the food industry.

Let’s imagine that the diabetes and obesity epidemic suddenly sprang upon us (well it did, really) without warning. The government, always wanting to do the right thing, orders a commission (they like to hand off the real work) to determine the best diet that a person in the US should eat to counter diabetes and obesity. If we want ultimate good health, what should we eat?

And just because they want to do an excellent job on this study they decide to appoint two separate groups to independently study the problem and come up with a solution. Both groups have the exact same assignment and can recruit the best of the best scientists and researchers for their team. Money is no object. It’s the government.

There are two senators leading this food study group, one from Colorado and one from Nebraska. Each decides to oversee one of the two commissions. Somehow the Colorado group ends up comprised of cattle ranchers, hog farmers and some boutique bison, venison and ostrich farmers. The meat eaters. The Nebraska group is represented by corn, wheat, rye, barley and oat growers. Big agriculture in all it’s glory.

Again, each group has the exact same instructions. We want the best diet possible to support human health and vitality. Our nation is depending on you.

Who thinks these two groups will offer solutions that even remotely resemble one another?

Will the meat eaters base their food pyramid on 6 to 11 servings of grains per day (as it is today) with just a little meat at the top if you happen to be still hungry? I don’t think so.

Are the grain growers going to realize from their study that meat should be eaten in higher proportions than bread, cereals and pasta? I really doubt it. Which group do you think had a bigger hand in creating the existing food pyramid?

This is how bias enters the discussion and becomes “a fact”.

This is how “knowledge” is created. Studies are done, some with more bias than others, written up in papers and eventually into books. We go to school, read the books and believe everything to be true.

Which leads me to the third problem. You. Don’t be so naive. You are on your own in this arena. There is no one looking out for you, least of all the government. They are incompetent at best and more likely just lazy or corrupt. There is a lot of power and influence working against you. Start to question the experts. Make your own decisions. Look out for yourself.

Just look around. Open your eyes. The diabesity problem is exploding. It is all around you. You are not imagining it. Most of the people affected have been listening to their “expert” sources and following the advice. It’s not working. More diabetes. More overweight people. Even the children now are affected. Something has to change.

What is the diabetic diet? The simple answer is eat real food. But you’ll have to prove it to yourself. Find another expert. Be your own expert. Your life depends on it.

Street Talk

Another interesting article Mark!

  about 1 decade ago

My rant against big Pharma and bad science.

  about 1 decade ago
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