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What Is The Right Quantity Of Meats To Eat?
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What is The Right Quantity Of Meats to Eat?

Meat has become a staple food source in many modern societies. It is where most people get their protein intake daily. People love their grilled chicken, pork chops, and T-bone steaks. Not only do some people eat meat every day, and even sometimes with every meal. Why are things like this now, and is it better or worse? Another question is what is the right quantity of meats to eat?

The raising of livestock, including but not limited to chickens, cows, and pigs, has made meat much more accessible than in the times of when our ancestors had to catch our dinners. Additionally, technology has made it easier to produce a mass quantity of meats and poultry, but not without compromising quality. Thus, there is a large quantity of meats that may have unhealthy preservatives and additives available for affordable prices. Additionally, many meats are nutrient rich. This includes fats and cholesterols.

With so much available meat, portions are often over eight ounces or the size of a paperback book sometimes. Look at some of the T-bones on the market. Additionally, meals like this are eaten, depending on the person, five or more times a week. Some people may eat meat every day of the week and more. That is not the right quantity of meats to eat.

The human body is designed to eat meat only when it was available during the days of hunting and gathering. This was certainly not every day. Imagine how skilled a hunter would have to be to provide fresh meat to their family more than once a day sometimes, day after day, week after week. Human bodies are much more suited to eat nuts, berries, and general fruits.

So how much meat should a person eat? What is the right quantity of meats to eat? The right portion size of meat should be about the size of a deck of cards, three ounces, three to four times a week. All too often humans eat way more meat than they need. This can pose many health risks from obesity, to the risk of heart attacks, to heart disease. Additionally, lowering the consumption by only eating the right quantity of meats will require less livestock to be cultivated. Livestock cultivation puts a great deal of pressure on the environment because of how much energy is consumed, and some would say all that excess gas emitted by the livestock is harmful even. The livestock must be fed a food source such as grass or corn, grown in a field. If humans directly ate the food source grown in said field, energy consumption would be cut, and the environment would be relieved of a great deal of stress.

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