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Why Healthy Foods Are Important
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Why Healthy Foods Are Important

No doubt you have heard someone say that you are what you eat. There is a lot of truth and common sense in that statement because if you want to be a healthy person you have to consume healthy foods.

These healthy foods are very important in your attainment of a healthy body. To achieve this healthy condition you need to be knowledgeable regarding foods.

A healthy diet is important from infancy onwards.

No one will deny that the quality of our food is extremely important in childhood as we grow at a rapid rate, and so much of that growth is due to the quality of the food we eat.

As we mature, we still need good quality foods to support the growth functions in our bones, muscles and vital organs, plus providing us the fuel to support our daily lives.

Deficiencies in the nutrition we ingest can be responsible for various health problems, like stunting growth in our growing years.

In order to grow and develop properly, a child depends on the mother's breast milk. Hence it is extremely important for nursing mothers to ensure that they consume nutritious foods.

It would be a great mistake to assume that once out of puberty we do not need to bother with healthy foods. The quality of the food we consume is important throughout our lives in support of the body's need to regenerate cells at all ages.

Throughout our lives we depend on the energy we feed our bodies in order to perform any function like breathing, walking, thinking.

For daily functions the body has only two sources of energy, the fat stored over time, and our daily food consumption. Eating foods that aren't healthy will often cause the body to store a greater amount of fat than it needs for survival.

This excess fat brings another string of potentially serious health conditions. The foods we consume are not only needed for energy. We also need to provide the proper nutrients for growth and maintenance of our vital organs.

The body depends on various hormones and other substances to keep functioning properly. Therefore, if you don't make sure you are providing your body the right nutrients these hormones cannot keep the body working properly.

That's why healthy eating is so important in maintaining a healthy body and preventing illness. The first rule of healthy living is to provide the body a healthy diet.

Without the right nutrients the body's natural defense mechanism breaks down and leaves the body susceptible to a variety of illnesses, by its inability to fight viruses and harmful bacteria.

All parts of the body are dependent on each other, and they need to be well supported by good nutrition for peak performance. The body's normal, healthy daily operation requires nutritious foods and plenty of water.

From childhood on we should be taught and trained to eat healthy foods. So much of what we like to eat as adults depends on the foods we enjoyed as children.

Wise parents will make a special effort to get their children to enjoy eating healthy, nutritious foods.

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sound advice!

  about 1 decade ago

Thanks for your comment...I had to lose a lot of weight a few years ago, and I became hooked on nutrition and weight loss issues.

  about 1 decade ago
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