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Why Stem Cell Treatment For Arthritis May Help Floridians
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Why Stem Cell Treatment for Arthritis May Help Floridians

Arthritis is a disease the causes the inflammation of the joints. It mostly affects old people but in some instances young people might suffer from it too. Arthritis can be such a painful ordeal for the patient and in some instances cause serious damage like inability of the limbs to function. People who are unfortunate to experience this are rendered to be using wheelchairs for life and unable to perform basic movements. Stem cell treatment in this case is believed to be able to help in dealing in arthritis. The stem cells from fat are known to regenerate and eventually heal arthritic joints. Finally, this offers an easier and quicker procedure that the patients really need. It is everyone's wish to get rid of the arthritis once and for all, as it is a disease that is known to alter patient's lives in a negative way.

A stem cell is a generic cell (only cell in the body) that has the capability of making exact copies of it self indefinitely. It also has the ability to produce specialized cells for some various tissues of the body and in this case through the help of scientists. This is because these scientists can actually maintain the stem cells forever an eventually develop them in to specialized cells. The stem cell is believed to stop and even reverse the arthritis and its symptoms.

The stem cells treatment is done by directly injecting patient’s own stem cells in to the damaged joints. These stem cells are previously harvested from the patient's bone marrow. About half a cup, 200grams to be precise, is retracted from the bone marrow and then processed which will finally come down to a teaspoonful of cells. These cells are then injected in to the damaged joint directly. After the stem cells are injected in to the joints, they transform Chondrocytes, which eventually produce fresh cartilage. They effectively deal with the pain and the damage, which is such a relief to the patient. Its other importance is also to boosts the body's own natural repair efforts of healing, preventing scaring and loss of function and reducing inflammation.

However, it is believed that knees respond better to this kind of treatment than other inflamed joints like the hip.

The stem cells method of treating arthritis is a quick and easy method as it is performed on an outpatient basis meaning that the patient is allowed to go home on the same day the treatment is performed. In some cases usually by the end of the first week, some patients are able to perform some activity like cycling that they couldn't do before. After the treatment, most patients are put on braces to facilitate healing then are removed after several weeks.

People can finally take a breathe after knowing that what has been causing them so much pain and agony can finally be treated and be done so easily. The procedure can be expensive, yes, and the clinic should be specialized but the results are well worth it considering the pain and life altering effects associated with the condition. The above facts provide answers on why stem cell treatment for arthritis may help.

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I think stem cell research is amazing. I support it totally.

  about 1 decade ago
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