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Why The Simply Healthiest Foods Take A Back Seat In Our Markets
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In case you may not have noticed, although it is becoming ever more obvious and prevalent, we as a society are engaged in a monstrous battle with attempts to stay slim and healthy and avoid obesity. Why is this? I submit, apologizing for the somewhat worn out cliché, although it has not lost one ounce of its potency, “you are what you eat.”

Essentially, the epidemic problem, with which we are faced, is firmly rooted in culture and, more specifically, lifestyle. Now, I am fully aware that most of you have probably read hundreds of article on diet and exercise programs on how to stay trim. I believe that the reason most of these are unsuccessful in alleviating this problem is that they do not address the underlying issue.

The reason I included a somewhat worn out, though time honored, cliché is because the point I so much want to drive home is that a healthy life-style is just that. It does not consist of a program, a set of steps, a number of “need to have” products. It is simply the way we live each and every day. And it all begins with healthy foods.

What many of us, unfortunately, are not aware of is how so many things in day to day life are working against us achieving our goals of healthy lifestyles for us and our children. I am quite sure that very few would disagree that healthy living for us and our children is worth more than a bit of our time.

Think of how so much of our idea of time has been manipulated by our fast paced society with some common expressions:

Can I have a few minutes of your time?

I would love to do that, if I only had the time.

How long is this going to take?

There just isn’t enough time in a day!

Actually we all have all the time in the world. It is what we spend it on that really counts. Spending time on healthy living is hands down the best investment of time that any of us could ever make. Here is the cruncher, what we eat has lately been highly driven by our stress, much of it induced by the media, of not having time to do anything else.

Supermarkets are, literally, littered with instant this, that and the other, subtly playing into our apprehensions about time. What few people seem to appreciate is that the processing of natural grains, flours and a host of products to make them “instant” seriously diminishes their nutrient value. And this is the least of the concern because our bodies rapidly break down these processed foods and give us, shall I say it, an addicting sugar rush.

So, the first clue to change, to make it a lasting process is to do it naturally and gradually. I believe that the majority of programs that people find so frustrating and difficult to maintain fail on this point. If you want to start to incorporate healthy foods into your diet, without your body going into total rebellion, you have to kinda sneak up on it.

You do not want to radically alter your family’s regular fare and jump into “health foods” overnight. I guarantee there will ensue a rebellion. The best way is too slowly introduce change, to whole grains that have not been processed, alternatives to your regular potatoes such as quinoa, couscous and whole rice. There are a host of very attractive, palatable alternatives to what many of us consider our regular fair. Many of them drip with nutrition and, if prepared with a little forethought, can be mouthwatering!

Hence, the key to staying trim fit and healthy or achieving that goal, resides in a few essential elements.

  • Healthy foods
  • Overcoming the deception that you are not in charge of your time
  • Dismissing over hyped solutions and opting into simple lifestyle changes
  • Gradually easing yourself and family into a delectable world of new culinary experiences

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