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You Are Your Grocery Cart
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You Are Your Grocery Cart

Franz has been taking some time away from the article writing to further study nutrition in order to be able to offer the best ideas for optimal health by choosing better eating habits. And what I have decided lately is that with one hundred percent assurance: you are what you choose to put in your grocery cart.

Franz can tell you that these days, making good food choices takes a little effort in order to reap great results. I have said it before and I'll say it again, if you choose one ingredient foods to create your meals, you will achieve better health and a slim waistline.

As I do my weekly shopping I can't help but weep for this generation. People roam around the grocery store assuming that if it's on the store shelves it must be okay to eat. I can tell you with overwhelming certainty that seventy five percent of the food in grocery stores is garbage!

Next time you go shopping actually stop and read the ingredient labels of foods you are buying. If you do not know what those ingredients are then you probably should not eat that food. If an item has more than a few ingredients in it then this might be something to avoid.

As I watch folks at the checkout line I observe people and what they are buying. I can tell you that what you put in your grocery cart directly affects your health and physical appearance. I always observe that the people who are of large stature are buying all the processed garbage that graces the shelves of our local food stores. The healthy looking folks have chosen lean unadulterated proteins, healthy carbs, fruits, and veggies.

Now I could also add that the benefits of eating a "clean diet" of fruits, vegetables, lean unadulterated proteins, nuts, seeds, and sprouted grains is key to better health, but every one is on their own journey when it comes to correcting bad habits. So what I will say is that as you shop remember that you are your grocery cart. What ever you choose to put in it either adds or detracts from the quality of your overall health.

Some poor food choices will not show up for years. When someone chooses to eat "dead food" for years, foods that have no life to them, foods that consist of nothing but lifeless ingredients and chemicals, the body will respond. These foods come in bright colored boxes and can be bought with coupons. The ingredient list looks like a paragraph and contains items that you can't pronounce. A diet of these foods can lead to all sorts of diseases, the worst being cancer. These diseases don't live in a body that consumes healthy foods as they can't survive in a high frequency and an alkaline body. Disease does however thrive in a body that is very acidic due to the consumption of dead foods.

Now this is just Franz's opinion, but after lots of research and personal experience, I can say that your health is a result of the items you choose to put, or not put, in your grocery cart. So, at whatever level you are at in your journey to better health, Franz pleads with you to examine each item you choose to place in your grocery cart. The best choices are in the produce, lean meats, raw nuts and seeds, and the organic food sections of the grocery store.

Street Talk

Thanks on your article, it explains well how is food related to eating habits. I don't live in America and we have a lot of organic food on the market, thankfully. I eat helthy and fill good. Had some issues with helth, ovaries but did some research and figure out it has to do with dairy products so I am dairy free and feel big improvment.

  about 9 years ago

I agree with you about eating natural foods. One of the easiest ways to do that is to do most of the shopping at the perimeter of the store where they sell produce, meat and fish, and the dairy aisle. I am on the Harcombe diet, and I eat mainly berries, meat, vegetables, and eggs. I have been avoiding processed food.

  about 1 decade ago
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