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Extra Weight Is Toxic
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Extra Weight is Toxic

Why do we struggle to lose weight?

Obesity is becoming a real problem all around us but is it our fault? Can we blame the food industry for enticing us in consuming products that have been genetically altered and that make us sick?

In my opinion it is everyone's choice to decide what goes in our body but sometimes we are just not aware of how bad what we are eating could be for us. Take McDonalds for example, their delicious, always crispy, perfectly done chicken nuggets. I used to eat these things like crazy! I would always ask for EXTRA bbq sauce and just dip them and smother them and stuff them in my mouth so yummy!

All up until of course I found out what actually goes into those things, now just the idea that I ever ate them is just discussing! Now I am not saying stop eating at McDonalds or stop eating their chicken nuggets but we should do with conscience and really educate ourselves on what we feed our body.

Lots of the food we consume specially the really bad ones have something in them that makes it so addicting and our body crave them! It is really hard to lose weight when as soon as the idea of French fries or pizza goes thru our head, our mouth starts to water, it is making our body a toxic waste.

The food that we consumed has been linked to so many problems to our health not just obesity although because of this one, many more follow. Take for example heart conditions, high blood pressure, diabetes and so many more.

It is time to wake up and realize that we need to make a change. Take care of our bodies, after all we are only given one and once this one is broken for good you can't replace it.

It is my opinion and I am no expert in anything but I really believe that the reason why there are so many illnesses is because of what we have been consuming for the last decades. If you think about it back in the old days people were healthier but also people did not have access to so much junk that we have available now. Let’s start making better choices and in return have longer lives. Most of us have loved ones and would just be nice to be around them for just a while longer and live healthier lives.

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