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Food Addiction Symptoms - Obvious Or Not?
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What are food addiction symptoms? Do these symptoms become evidenced from other serious health concerns? Do you fear you might be addicted to food?

These questions, and more, are all equally important when we look at the possibility of someone who is battling a food addiction. The science has revealed that someone who suffers from food addiction has just as difficult a time controlling and “curing” it as any other type of addict. The fact remains that the physical dependency to food is as strong, and as powerful as any other type of drug. Plus the side effects and health consequences can be just as serious as any other form of addiction.

So what are food addiction symptoms anyways? Well, the symptoms are in fact numerous, as some are more obvious than others. Let’s take a closer look at some of the more apparent food addiction symptoms, then we will end with some that may not be as much of a “red flag” for those of you are are concerned that someone you care about might be a food addict.

Obvious food addiction symptoms:

  • An inability to stop eating, even when the ‘full’ feeling is reached. The brain cannot effectively send the message out that it is time to stop. Instead, the addiction takes over and over eating quickly becomes habit, and the act of eating is uncontrollable.
  • Ignoring the consequences of consuming too much food. Not caring about the health benefits (or lack thereof) of the food that is being ingested. A person who is a food addict often feels a lot of shame and guilt when eating because they choose foods that they consciously know are unhealthy, but they choose to ignore that lack of nutritional content an opt only for taste and instant satisfaction.
  • The act of eating is followed by a wave of emotions. Crying, stress, anxiety, guilt, shame and self-loathing are often the feelings that follow a person who may be a food addict. Unfortunately these emotions only then feed the need to cure and food is the drug. Food is the problem and the problem is solved with food. A total yo-yo effect.
  • Food is the most important and obsessive though throughout the day. Every day. Food is the motivator to get out of bed and to go anywhere. Getting the food that a person is craving will be accomplished even if the task to find and buy it is arduous (i.e. driving over 30 mins to a specific fast food restaurant).

Not so obvious food addiction symptoms:

  • Eating habits change depending on the place and social situation. A person who gorges, binges and exhibits very different eating patterns and habits when they are alone as opposed to when they are out in public and eating with others. It is common for a food addict to binge and eat a LOT when they are alone. Alone even being in the car, bedroom or bathroom where they feel the most safe, hidden and secure.
  • People who steal food or hide food from others just for the sake of being able to eat the food on their own terms. This, just like any other addict, is a major problem and will quickly break relationships with trusted friends and family members.

Food addiction symptoms that show up as serious health problems:

  • obesity
  • diabetes
  • anxiety and stress
  • hypertension
  • high blood pressure
  • lack of sleep
  • trouble breathing
  • cardiovascular disease

It is the health problems above that can be cause by food addiction. Good news is that food addiction can be treated and ANYONE with the right help can beat this problem.

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