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The Battle To Lose Weight, Is Easier If You Learn This!
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The Battle To lose Weight, Is Easier if You Learn This!

Another day and the count of days is becoming agonizing, been learning facts of nutrition, have been avoiding the high fats foods. The party's of my friends and family, to keep the promise to myself to lose this overweight sickness.

It has been a lonely road since I have not yet lost any pounds out of my belly, the positive side of it is I am learning new ways to eat healthier. I have learn exercises to keep my cardiovascular muscles healthy, and at the same time to shave a few pounds of.

And then one day I read in an article the emotion attachment we have to foods, and how our body can get adaptive to the sweets of food, make in it feel , so normal to eat great amounts of it with out any alarm.

The emotion to eat what ever food is in front of me, I believe has been the hardest part to get over, the moments of constant struggle with the choice of foods that I can eat during the Diet.

Every day, and every minute of the day is a struggle, I want to relieve myself of the feeling of eating, some times I choose to seat and watch T.V only to be bombarded by commercials of Kentucky Fried Chicken, Taco Bell, McDonalds and so on. And I turn it off as a result, then I went to the park, and boy the food is everywhere. There is no escaping the food around us, so what to do?

These is were, I started to accept , that the craving is not only a human response. To hunger, in Obese people, but a great necessity to eat, to have the emotion response of the food in their mouth, to satisfy the hunger they feel.

This was my first step, as soon I accepted the strong connection between the two of them, it became more easy to choose the place and time of my battles with the hunger for food.

It helps, it really does! The first thing I was able to do. Before going to a party, I made myself a snack of healthy food and ate before going to the party. I wasn't as hungry, was able to enjoy time with my friends and family, to drink water periodically helped the hunger. I did feel more energetic.

When shopping, kept away from the snack lines, and just bought what the list I had made at home said..

Since the acceptance of the emotional part, the days are not as hard , I am not counting the days as often as before.

I am feeling more energetic, the pounds are coming off, very slow, but they are coming off, the part that is starting to grow more on me, is the feeling of energy, the food that I eat is less with out wanting more.

Every day, I keep myself in the battle by taking my organic supplements, this has help to put the needed minerals of my body, the proteins, the vitamins, and the beauty is , they don't interfere with my everyday life.

The everyday task are becoming so easy, and the days to victory are looking so close.

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Roberto you have hit the nail on the head with this one. There is a HUGE emotional connection to weight problems. If you are in the situation where you can afford to get some help for emotional support from someone like a hypnotherapist, kineseologist or other healing modality you may be surprised at how much that can help. This is a great article for raising awareness. Awesome!

  about 1 decade ago

Thank you again Heather, I have read some of your articles, and a enjoy them!

  about 1 decade ago

Boy I can relate to this struggle.

  about 1 decade ago

Thank you Sharon Vaceli, Is always to know we are not alone in the struggle, I have found a lot of people that feel this way.

  about 1 decade ago
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