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The Olympic Games
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I am not a sports fan but I really do admire people who devote their whole lives to one sport. From the time they are 3, 4, 5 years old until they approach their early 20s, nothing maters but their one specific sport. They give up their normal childhood and teen years to focus on this dream. To be the best.

The journey toward the Olympics is not a cheap one. The families of these future Olympians have huge expenses to keep the journey going forward. There is personal pride in being the best at what you do. There also is a great deal of patriotism involved. To represent your country is a really big, important feeling.

The Olympic games are really just about the only time when all the countries agree on something. They have the Olympics in common. They get to know people from different countries. Meet people they would not normally met. The opportunity to speak to different nationalities helps to understand the world a little better.

When the games are in your city, it brings added income to your local economy. Although there are inconveniences, heavy traffic, detours, extra crowed conditions it is well worth it. It's a source of pride to the community. Peoples chests swell with patriotism. The whole world is a little better place. Not that I think the world is not great, but it's just better during the Olympic games.

Countries that have little to be proud of normally are judged on the same level as the other more fortunate countries. When they are competing with the other countries they are all equal. And if they were to win they would be elevated to a higher station in their own countries..A lot of good comes out of the Olympics.

The physically challenged Olympians are just remarkable, running with two prosthesis, archery participants missing a limb.They should be respected. Those of us who feel down because of a far lesser physical burden should take notice. There is nothing we could not do if we have the right mind set.

The Olympic games bring out the best in all of us. Good sportsman ship is a big deal in the games. Can you imagine the terrible disappointment if you were to lose something you had worked all of your life for? It would be a big hurtle to get over. Keep striving toward the big goal. The next Olympic Games you will win.

Well I guess that's it for now, see you next time?

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They are an inspiration for sure.

  about 1 decade ago

Shawn thank you.

  about 1 decade ago

Thanks Cynthia

  about 1 decade ago

Interesting topic! Yesterday I enjoyed parts of the openings of the games while quietly stirring a huge pot of tapioca pearls into pudding so I can relate to what you're sharing. Today I saw some of the women's sand-volleyball. Fun to remember the Olympics and check it out! Thanks for sharing an informative article. A friend from church was in the special Olympics. She remembers it and shares her stories so well it's fun to learn from her.

  about 1 decade ago
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