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6 Tips For Safe Dating On The Internet
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6 Tips for Safe Dating on the Internet

The Internet dating scene is now widely accepted as a legitimate way for someone to meet a significant other but this has only become socially acceptable in more recent years. Although online dating it is more acceptable these days, safe dating on the internet is often overlooked. Those who log in to dating sites often do so with a false sense of security, completely oblivious to dangers that lurk behind wires, circuit boards and memory chips.

We all have a natural desire to settle down with someone, start a family and live with our chosen life partner but due to the self inflicted pace of our lives, we rarely get the time that our predecessors once had to meet the love of our lives. The Internet dating scene was born out of technology and convenience and now thousands of people, all over the world connect with each other such mediums.

Although the Internet dating scene has grown in popularity, it is a sad fact that safe dating on the Internet can be the furthest thing from your mind when you log into a dating site. You hear of so many people meeting their perfect match on dating sites but for every success story there is a horror story.

I want to highlight some useful tips for safe dating on the Internet that should be considered by all those who are genuinely looking for love online.

Tip 1: PMP (Personal Means Personal)

When creating a dating site account, never use your own name or reveal any of your personal details. Most dating sites will enable you to create a pen name so use a nickname or other bogus identity to present to your online admirers.

Keep all of your personal information to yourself. Your address, email, phone number etc should not be relinquished unless you are completely confident that the person has genuine dating interests. Even then, only offer a phone number and keep all other information confidential.

Tip 2: The Lying Camera

If you are lucky enough to connect with someone you like the look and sound of, beware that some people upload fake pictures and write over zealous, profiles to attract attention. Getting to know who the other person is should be high on your agenda.

Asking for additional photos to be sent to you via a separate email will help you to confirm they are who they say they are. Even better, ask to see them on web cam. There have been cases where people have uploaded a real picture of themselves but from 10 years ago. When it comes to safe dating on the internet, sometimes the camera does lie or at least the camera owner does.

Tip 3: Take It With A Pinch Of Salt

When people write a profile, they do so with the intent of attracting admirers so they often make themselves sound like butter wouldn't melt in their mouths. You wouldn't fall for half of this BS in any other circumstances so don't allow yourself to do so just because you hear it online.

The problem with the Internet is that we often take what we read online to be factual. At the end of the day, there is probably more BS online than anywhere else in the world.

Tip 4: A Cheaters Playground

Safe dating on the Internet is hindered on a massive scale by individuals who are already in relationships, portraying themselves as single. They use the anonymity of the Internet to cheat on their significant other and you end up becoming that bit on the side. That can lead to all sorts of problems from nasty email onslaughts to abusive text messages from the persons partner.

Promiscuity is easy online so some serial online daters get themselves a secret email address and secret cell phone so they can go undetected. All can seem very genuine but without finding out the truth, you would never know.

Tip 5: Arranging to Meet

If you get to the stage where you want to meet someone that you have met online, you should take extreme care. Firstly, you may wish to carry out a backgound check on the individual. It is normal practice at this stage to swap cell phone numbers so you could even carry out a reverse phone lookup online. This will enable you to confirm the persons identity and discover their home address.

When making the meeting arrangements, arrange somewhere neutral, well lit and populated. You should always inform someone like a close friend or family member of who you are meeting and where you are meeting your date.

Tip 6: Bail Out Plan

Having a bail out plan is a must unless you don't mind being totally honest with your date and telling them they are not as attractive in the flesh as they were in their pictures. It could be that their personality is nothing like you expected. What ever the case, having a valid reason for bailing early is essential to you can get the hell out of their at a moments notice.

A proven, tried and tested strategy is to arrange for one of your friends or family to call you or text you at a pre-arranged time. If the date is going well you can cut the call short, if not then you can pretend that you have been called away urgently.

Safe dating on the Internet is easy with a little common sense and you should not be put off by any horror stories that you hear. The key is to remain vigilant and to approach it sensibly.

If this article helps you in anyway or could help others then please share it and like it to spead the word. Stay safe on your date!

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